Inspired to Receive

From the counsel of my daughter – let this “little story” inspire you to receive forgiveness, hope and love today. Don’t let yourself say “no” because of fear, unworthy feelings or discomfort… it is the Heart of the Father to give you the Kingdom! (Lk. 11:32)

Felt like sharing a little story…

While driving home from the grocery store 30 minutes ago, I saw a nice blonde lady walking from her car into the pharmacy. Without warning, a voice inside of me said, “hey, go buy her groceries”. I questioned for a second if it was the Lord’s idea or just my head, but I turned around anyway and parked in the parking lot.

When I walked in, there she was, holding a box of cold and flu pills.
I walked up to her and, without thinking much, said simply,
“So… I saw you in the parking lot, and felt as though the Lord told me to buy your groceries.”
She looked down at her feet and replied,
“No, no. You don’t have to do that.”
“But, I really would like to.” I said.
She shook her head and said “no” a second time, and then a third time when I offered again.
Finally, I left her, after saying “Jesus loves you so much” and giving her the best smile I had.

Walking to my car, for some reason I fought back tears. I thought maybe I was just being a baby because I felt rejected or something. But then I heard His voice again inside.

“It really stinks when people don’t accept your gifts, huh.” He said… His voice was quiet, and filled with understanding. “I wanted to bless her so much. I was so excited.” I said… a tear falling.
“Me too.” The Lord said.

Suddenly a picture of Him popped in my head… He sat on His throne with tears in His eyes as He looked down on me, and that lady.
“This is why I don’t draw near to the proud, because they never let me!” He said, with tears streamed down His face. “They feel like they have to take care of themselves… and then they never let Me love them.”

Immediately I wept in my car… convicted. How many times have I rejected the gifts of a loving Father? To reject His care is not humility, but pride; and it grieves Him.

Oh, Lord help us.

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