Invading Mountains

There are mountains in our land, that stand in defiance to the purposes of Christ. We see them all across our cultural landscape. For as long as I can remember we have always communicated a strong conviction that you never talk religion or politics… “you wouldn’t want to offend anyone“.

Who makes these rules of decorum- And how?

 It is my perception that these are mountains of influence that few Christians have the courage to invade and when we allow ourselves to become passive, we get run over. We have long believed that we could never loose our Christianity to the tolerant crowd, or the liberal media or the porn industry. But we did, and now we have no where to stand. Unless we begin to invade these mountains and recover our ground, we will leave no legacy to our grandchildren. This past fall our congregation actually insured our right to call the sin of homosexuality a sin. Just to speak this from the pulpit is considered hate speech.

Yet I believe the landscape is changing!

Its a new day and although it is still not popular to be a radical Christian voice in America; there is more courage among the truly saved, than ever before. God is raising up Kingdom Agents with a passion for Truth in the midst of this perverse generation. There are Ambassadors of Christian character that God has His hand upon in this day, who are invading societal mountains.

We need some Davids, Elijahs and Daniels in our day!

Invading mountains is a Christian mandate that we must commit ourselves to, more than ever. We are called to transform culture from the inside, with Kingdom values communicated with Christlike character. It begins with our individual convictions and family values… with us as God’s Children and God as Our Father.

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