Is There Hunger?

When you look at the culture around you; when you consider the spiritual state of our society; what do you think? Does a Christlike spirit define the words and actions of our leaders, our neighbors, our families? Is the Church of Christ boldly proclaiming the Gospel and successfully modeling Christian love and integrity to a watching world?

 In the eyes of many Christians, the answer is a definite no… looking around us, we see violence, immorality, and dishonesty where there should be peace, righteousness, and integrity.

 We see a Church struggling to preach the Gospel message in a way that the world can understand. We see the Christian Culture struggling even to train and disciple its own to become effective followers of Christ. Maybe, looking around at all this, you even think to yourself something like:

 “If only a spirit of Christian revival would take root in our culture today, we could truly impact our world for Christ”.

You’re not the first person to say this… and at different points in history there have been periods of spiritual revival. Many nations have witnessed outbreaks of large-scale, sometimes nationwide fervor for Jesus Christ.

 Its not the kind of stuff talked about in the media; but almost all moves of God have some recorded documentation in Church history. From the “First Great Awakening” in the early 1700s; the Welch Revival and Azusa Street (early 1900’s) and even the “Jesus movement” of the 1970s, there have been times when the conditions were just right to kick start a spiritual revival in which thousands of people committed themselves to Jesus. Sometimes those revivals were short-lived and quickly faded from memory… but others had long-lasting effects on the Church and popular culture.

 Some have suggested that the conditions are right once again.

 Could some corner of our world be ready for another move of God to sweep into the hearts and minds of a waiting generation? In our day we must recognize the greatest need is hunger. Do we want the Lord to move in our land? It may cost us our comfort, our routine and most likely our religion.

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