Here is a word of “Jambo” Pastor Ron!

How was your journey back to the USA and how is your family?
Us back here are much fine in Busia, Kenya in the name of God. I just wanted to thank you for the powerful Word of God that you impacted us with – in fact it has changed our church. Many new saints had come and we recently were enabled to purchase instruments for our worship team. Praise God for this. Actually Man of God, we were so blessed by the Ugandan pastors who were also with us in your meetings and great outpouring to us has happened. It is a time to rejoice greatly in the House of the Lord today. We would need you back as God wishes us to arise in His power, more and more. Please remember the orphans and widows in our care as you pray. It has needed so much our compassion and your kindness, Amen? We shall be looking for your return… be blessed. And may God honor the work of your hands.

 ”Jambo” – means Hello in Swahili.

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