Just Lighten Up

Going "All Out"

Won't You Come In?

Okay, so my wife continually tells me to lighten up, because I can easily get a bit intense. I’ve got one of those type “A” personalities… driven, agressive and leadership oriented. Yea, you know the type, right? Well, its another Christmas season and we try to do this time of year, “all out”. The lights outside on the house, the three trees inside and some wonderful parties that bring folks together, to celebrate with us of course. Yahoo, its an entire family thing.

Well… I am struggling with one of our Christmas trees.

Its the most visible one; in the living room. There are three sets of lights on the tree and the middle set has half of the lights that won’t light up. They worked when we put them on there. So when the living room lights are off our tree looks as though it is wearing a belt! OOOH this erkks me. Are you catching my frustration here…. I just can’t look any longer. And to top it all off, last night when we had some folks over… guess what; they didn’t even notice!

Okay big breath – the bottom line for me is that Christmas is all about Jesus. So having a Merry Christmas this year is going to be about enjoying an imperfect tree. Makes me wonder how God puts up with us, amen? Or how Mary dealt with the concept of a barn delivery? Not perfect, but still capable of embracing the Savior.

PS. It just occurred to me; I could go down and fix the tree… or just lighten up. Help me Jesus!

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