Kinda Hungry

Today is day 13 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Scripture: Psalm 63:1-8
Thought for Today: “Kinda Hungry”

These are the times I find myself craving things like steak and baked potato, or chicken burritos. We’ve been in our fast long enough now that my stomach has resolved its issues, but my mind is beginning to feel a bit neglected. That’s when I know I’m getting to the heart of the prayer and fasting goal. What I want to see happen is that my comforts and my passions line up with the will of God. Its my desire that when I say I believe in Christ, I am not found betraying Him in my behavior.

The Psalmist says, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God” (Ps 42:1).

Hungering and thirsting after God is a practical reality that results in an unhindered chase. In other words, if I hunger and thirst after God and train my mind to find its comfort in His purposes, then my flesh will begin to find its delight in His passions. The question I must resolve is, “Do I crave the nourishment of a spiritual feast in His Presence more than the local smorgasbord?” I can proudly boast of a full belly, while I waste away with an empty heart… but today I am kinda hungry.

And God says, “Its about time!”

Fasting and prayer should be a time of discovery… exploring, and enjoying intimacy with God. It should be feasting in His Presence, identifying with His purpose, and denying the natural food in order to delight in the supernatural food that comes from the mouth of God.

Fast or Feast:

Jesus assumed His disciples would fast (Mt 6:16-17), but not until He was gone from them (Mk 2:19-20). While He was close, while He was with the disciples… it was the season of feasting and celebration in His abundance. This time in His Presence was the time for the dance and the joyful embrace of His Provision. He was their water brook, as the Psalmist has said.

Lead us to the Feast:

The time has come when fasting is to lead us to the feast. When our hunger and thirst for the food that truly satisfies, becomes our deepest search, then we can celebrate. His Words, His Presence, His voice in the morning, fills the heart with light (Isa 58:8-9). God help us to pray and fast until we uncover the feast. I want to be found running to Him… for Him. 

Please Holy Spirit, become my water brook…
abundant and refreshing.

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