Kingdom Passion!

My Kenyan friend and brother in Christ, Lukas Maina shares his thanks and vision with me…

I was sharing with some pastor friends about how I recalled your wise word of inspiration, “You advance the Kingdom and Jesus will build His Church!” I recall of how you spoke about walking under the Glory of God… Ron the Lord is giving us victory and by the grace of the Lord our faith is to have life released in Langas Estate. We are believing God for 2000 people to come to know Christ as Lord.

A Focus on Souls:

Unlike many African preachers, my prayers and interest is not big houses or wealth. I have simple prayers… “Give me souls Lord give me souls!” I am focused to fulfill this in my life, winning souls for our Lord Jesus! It is my goal to build for the Lord a big sanctuary for worship… not for “me”, but for His Glory! I don’t need for personal edification or riches. My only need is connected with soul winning! I don’t need a car to reach out and win souls, I need legs to walk from one house to house (Acts 20:20). I don’t need thousands dollars to reach out, I only need dairy and bread for my family and my leaders. Our team of evangelists have never at any time entered a house and been asked how much I had in my pocket.

From the Heart:

Yet in all houses I enter, everybody wants to know what is in my heart. For example… they say, “after we pray can I be healed and delivered?” Also questions like “what can I do to be saved… and my family?” These are like days of great work for the Kingdom of God and questions asked of us are to see the freedom of our King. We have discovered Kingdom Passion as released by the Holy Ghost, can win the whole slum. By only one Word that proceeds from the Mouth of God… wisdom is made available. Its the wisdom of God and the power of our testimony that lifts the burden and breaks their yokes. Passionate love towards the lost! Popularity, wealth and riches, not even the smart man can deliver a city from its broken state. Only wisdom and power of the Holy Ghost!

Reaching Out:

So Apostle Ron, I am reaching out and people are coming to Jesus, of this I am sure. This is true Apostolic Pattern as you taught that to us. So pray for me and for our entire team. Ron, I don’t need wealth, I need souls coming to know Jesus! I don’t need cars, I need thousands of souls coming to Jesus! We must seek first Gods Kingdom and everything else will be add to us in Kenya. Please pray for our vision and God’s provision, Apostle Ron. We need a set of instruments for holding open crusades or open air meetings on the week ends at Kisumu Ndogo Junction, corner Mbaya Junction, Polytechnic Junction and Showground Junction. You know these places.

We are trusting from the Lord, so let us pray and believe God for His Glory to make all things possible.

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