Last Night of Crusades in Webuye

Seeing “Right”

   The morning session today had to do with being pruned.  That as Pastors, there will be times when you are hurt, but in the midst of that you need to see correctly in order to heal.  That there are times when God prunes us in order for us to be more fruitful, but the only way for that to happen is to get in the glory, and be saturated with His love. which will then produce more fruit.  That being fruitful needs to be a “root” focus not a ‘fruit” focus.  The glory came strong and many were at the altar letting God heal their hearts.

Seeing More

Pastors receiving their certificates

 Following the last session, Pastor Wycliffe and Ron had “Certificates of Achievement” made so that each leader who attended would receive one.  A few Pastors had to leave early in order to make it back to their home towns for Sunday services.  One Pastor from Uganda begged Ron to come back and go to his church.  He told Ron that they meet under a tree, but that the country of  Uganda needed God’s glory also.  This spread the vision of other Pastors to pray and ask God to bring his Glory to other countries in Africa.    Pastor Wycliffe told Ron when he returns again they will go to Uganda, and Tanzania and visit the Pastors there.  The local Pastors asked Ron if they could build him a home, so that the next time he came, he would be able  stay longer than a couple of weeks.  Their love is so overwhelming.

Seeing Love

   Once again it rained all day until 6pm and then stopped for the crusade meeting.  Ron was being driven to the meeting site when the car stopped.  Ron’s thought was, “Uhoh what’s wrong with the car?”  Then over 50 jumped out of the woods along side of the road and ran in front of the car waving palm branches and dancing.  When they arrived at the crusade meeting place, Ron was so excited, all he could do was Dance!  once the children saw this they all began to dance with him, and you guessed it!!  The place broke out in dancing even before the meeting began. There were another couple of hundred people more than the night before, and the place was packed full!  All the streets were full, shop fronts were full, and the field was full of people dancing and praising God.!   They danced for about an hour.  Ron then shared the story of Philip and Samaria and how there was Great Joy in that City.  Once again they danced!  Ron then asked if anyone needed Jesus who would bring them this great joy.  Over 200 people came forward.  They danced again!! Ron could not keep himself from touching all the children and blessing them, and telling them how beautiful they were.   After half an hour Ron was resting beside the platform and 2 ladies with sick babies came for him to pray for healing, one the ladies also brought her mother-in-law who was sicke to be prayed for also.  This led to more dancing until it was time to go home.  Ron’s comment was “The conference was over-the-top fabulous!”

Crusade  Stats:                                                                                                          600 people saved, 6 healed,  l delivered……priceless!

   Ron will be ministering in Pastor Wycliffe’s church on Sunday, resting on Monday, and then going up to Mt. Elgon to meet with Pastors there.


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  • Alma Witzenburg:

    To God be the Glory!!! Great things He has done!!!

  • Nancy Bateman Householder:

    Wow,I would love to be there and experience that! Ron, it sounds like you are carrying on the work of Aunt Martha and Aunt Georgia. Keep up the great works of God.

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