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It is good to pray this morning about what God is about to do in the land of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania! Very soon we shall see Him raise up an Apostolic Training Center to establish a platform for resources to be dispersed into the region. The goal is to equip and empower Church leaders, train teachers and orphanage workers and offer help to widows in distress. These are times of preparation and prayer. It is with great joy that we lock arms on the ground with literally hundreds of people who are ready to step into position to offer hope and opportunity. We are expecting many wonderful testimonies among the congregations as the Will of God is made more visible by the Holy Spirit. It is very exciting, indeed!

God is moving quickly. We now stand at a unique moment, where heaven is touching earth and we get to watch a transformation emerge. It will be great and difficult… But our joy is in Jesus, using the lives of those who will walk with us in this vision. This shall become a ministry platform that God will confirm in all of us. Those who give and those who go rejoice together.

Something God is speaking into my heart is, “Focus on Purpose”. Focus on the priorities of God and not on the wisdom of man. Jesus carried five primary goals while He ministered among His 12 disciples:

  1. To preach the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven! (Mt 4:17)(Mt 4:23-25)
  2. To destroy the works of the devil! (Lk 4:18-19)(Acts 10:38)(1 Jn 3:8)
  3. To declare the Father’s Glory! (Jn 1:18)(Jn 17:22-23)(2 Cor 4:6)
  4. To give His life to Redeem man from sin! (Mt 20:28)(Lk 19:9-10)
  5. To release the Holy Spirit! (Lk 3:16)(Jn 7:37-39)(Jn 20:20-23)(Lk 24:49)(Acts 1:8)

It is an awesome privilege to commit ourselves to these principles as we set up offices and leadership in the region. God has given us incredible favor to create functional relationships and partnerships among already established Christian Leaders. These folks are living where most of the real resources are needed, right in the heart of those toughest areas to reach. I am blessed and honored to work together with seven key leaders who are humbly giving themselves daily to minister among the poorest and neediest.

I spent an hour this morning just worshiping and thanking the Father for my wonderful friends in the region, who serve as powerful Ministers of God ready to turn a nation upside down for His Glory. Let us not miss our moment of consecrated celebration. Its a commitment of covenant partnership that God will offer favor and hold us accountable, as we honor His Word.

I was taken to a Scripture in Hebrews yesterday (Heb 11:2) where God says that faith is what the ancient fathers were commended for. We will not be commended for our methods or our preaching style, we will be commended for our faith. I heard God say into my heart… ”

“Real faith is reaching into somewhere that is invisible, grabbing hold of something that is unseen and holding on until it becomes… believable, tangible and visible.”

 We see nothing today but a dream within the heart, but we must reach into that dream with our faith and be convinced of its reality in the heart of God. Then we must hold onto the prophetic purposes that God would want beyond our personal glory or efforts. Then as we see it come into the natural realm for fruitful harvest and blessing, we must prepare for the Father’s pruning for greater impact.

Honoring the New Day

Honoring the New Day

This is the New Day we heard God speak about before I ever stepped onto the airplane this past spring and entered the land of Kenya. God was dreaming and He saw in the Earth some loyal hearts ready and willing to serve. By drawing us together He gets to enjoy His dream breaking into this world. Its bigger than any one of us, bigger than the ministies we have served and bigger than our imagination, but it is completely possible in God! We place our trust in Him and we commit to follow His heart.

 Release Your Holy Spirit, Lord- like never before. We are waiting…

Blessings my friends, Pastor Ron Bateman

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