Life In Transition

Have we made it our goal to be in constant agreement with the will of God? When we are changing, shifting and straining toward the new, it seems to me that strength arises out of our waiting upon the Lord. The setting of our hearts and minds allows God to break in, so that His Word can become a reality: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Its the life in transition that reveals our need to set our posture; not because we are outside the will of God; but because this is the will of God… transformation

Something New is coming!

I have tried to celebrate change, easy or difficult. I’ve found celebration to be vital to preparation. The change that God promises to bring into our lives often hides within packaging that is unattractive or outright painful. I’m reminded of the words of the Prophet Isaiah who said, God would do a new thing, “Now it shall spring forth”. Sounds exciting enough, right? But then he asks the question to the reader, “would you see it?” (Isa 43:18-19). His concern was that former things, patterns of behavior or just ignorance would cause us to miss the transitional moment. Why? because transition generally requires an adjustment in our attitudes first and our lifestyle second.

The word change means “to alter.”

 It means to turn away from what was, in order to receive what is promised. Change requires us to cease to be what we’ve been and decide to become who you are meant to be. It is the process of righteousness that calls for transition. The sinner embraces forgiveness and the sick arises into health. The brokenhearted receives wholeness and the impoverished experiences wealth. To change is to have the ability to look at devastation and recognize, “This is not my destiny.” It is necessary preparation for the birth of new vision, new dreams, new hope and new life in Christ.

The transitions hold our promise of delivery!

This is a “Year of Seeing” the Promise spring forth.

When a woman prepares to give birth, she must suffer the agony of submitting her body to painful pulling (change!); painful stretching (change!); painful pushing (change!); and painful delivery (change!)—all to receive her promise, her precious child. Once that promise is delivered, the pain becomes overshadowed by the joy and blessing of the newborn baby. So it is with all the promises of God. If you can believe, you can see the will of God springing forth before you.

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