Narrow Passages

the Narrow path

the Narrow path

Timing and perception are real priorities for our spiritual journey, because we are called to travel on “narrow passages”. Often the way we accurately see the access points into the will of God is by signs that are unique to each individual. Things like dreams or prophetic words from people who are trust worthy, can help train our sensitivity.

But the greatest tools for our journey on those narrow passages is the Bible and prayer. They are the spiritual GPS for those Holy Spirit nudges.

Without a keen sense of direction or discernment, we fall into distractions that have little or no easy transition back on track with God.

Like a bug in a spider web we can easily find ourselves stuck and fighting against forces that only make us more caught. Have you ever wondered why you were unable to get the breakthrough you were after in a timely manner? It has a lot to do with timing and perception… let me repeat the urgency I feel in regards to how these issues play into our spiritual journey!

We must maintain our walk without distracting misinformation or emotional instability, because when we miss an intersection, we immediately veer off course from God’s intended purpose.

Remember that Jesus even emphasized the fact that we are walking the narrow path (Mt 7:13-14)… He said, that the broad path leads to destruction while the narrow path leads to life. I want to propose that the “life” Jesus was mentioning was more qualitative, in other words could it not be that Jesus was warning us about the path being so narrow that it would be easy to fall into distractions and diversions that would rob us of the quality of our life in Him. Isn’t that why Satan spends so much time at those “forks in the road” where we are making decisions everyday?

I find in my journey that the more mature I become in Christ that the narrower the passages seem to be along the way.

I believe this is due to the fact that I become more sensitive to timing and perception as I grow in my knowledge of God’s heart for me and my purposes for life in the Kingdom.

Like those Sons of Issachar who knew what they were suppose to do because they understood the times and seasons Israel found themselves (1 Chron 12:32), I want to sense my feet firmly fixed upon the narrow passage as God’s path grows brighter with each step.

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