New Church Plant

God is moving in Uganda, Africa!

Our Apostolic Training Center; just Northwest of Lake Victoria, has become an amazing story of God’s power and favor in the region. The priority of Jesus to “disciple the nations” is gaining momentum as a wonderful team of leaders are giving all they have to the cause. Under the direction of my dear friend Pastor Francis Wanyama, RevivalHut Ministry is seeing over 100 student leaders trained and encouraged to follow their God given dreams. Many are becoming more and more aware that God has an interest in their lives.

God’s provision is reaching far beyond even the local village, offering hope and vision for a brighter future for their families, communities and churches. It all means Kingdom influence is growing and God is establishing His heart among a people. I feel an incredible sense of joy even as I share this, because never in my wildest dreams did I even contemplate being part of something this important two years ago. Yet, just today I received an email from Pastor Francis with a request for the opening of a brand new church in the region. Be praying for the new pastor and his family. Pastor Godfrey Taabu is a student at our training center and has much to learn, but God is equipping him with the tools he needs. I am confident he will be encouraged by the other leaders and he already has a wonderful group of people to help. 

Written to Pastor Francis

Written to Pastor Francis

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