Numbers Matter to God!

I recently was asked to share a prophetic message about the times and seasons of God. I am not a prophet, but I trust God’s voice and have found Him to be quite open to those who know Him as their Friend. I have become confident that it pleases God to see us bear more fruit in our lives, simply because we have saught for deeper revelation.

Scripture makes it clear that it is important to understand the process of searching out Truth and listening to the Holy Spirit to uncover the hidden things of God’s heart (1 Cor 2:6-10). When we abide in the Truth (reality from God’s perspective) we are being set free (Jn 8:31-36) and our freedom positions us to be more effective in the world around us. Prophetic revelation is an awesome priority of the Kingdom. 

Kingdom Advancement: 

Remember that the goal of prophetic ministry is the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the Earth. He has plans and purposes that were prepared for us even before the foundations of the Earth were established. It has always been my belief that numbers matter to God in the explanation of times and seasons. If we are willing to search it out, God is willing to reveal His secrets. In fact, the Apostle Paul explains two reasons for us to search out the will of God; first, so that we can redeem our time (Eph 5:15-17) and second, so we feel confident in our ability to obey Him (Rom 12:2).

Hebrew Numbers: 

One of the most helpful Biblical tools for my study has been the Hebraic Numbers Chart given below. The Jewish people believed every number had a meaning and could be useful in discerning the prophetic patterns of God’s will. Obviously this is not an exact science, but I have found these meanings to be a great place to begin my prayerful search. I hope they are a blessing to your study as well. 

#- Meaning:
1- Unity; New beginnings
2- Union; Division; Witnessing
3- Divine completeness and perfection
4- Creation; The world; Creative works
5- Grace; God’s goodness; Pentateuch (first five books)
6- Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin ; Evils of Satan
7- Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection
8- New birth; New beginnings
9- Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness from the Father
10- Testimony; Law and responsibility
11- Disorder and judgement
12- Governmental perfection
13- Apostasy; depravity and rebellion
14- Deliverance; Salvation
15- Rest
16- Love
17- Victory
18- Bondage
19- Faith
20- Redemption
21- Exceeding sinfulness of sin
22- Light
23- Death
24- The Priesthood
25- Repentance; The forgiveness of sins
26- The Gospel of Christ
27- Preaching of the Gospel
28- Eternal life
29- Departure
30- Blood of Christ; Dedication
31- Offspring
32- Covenant
33- Promise
34- Naming of a son
35- Hope
36- Enemy
37- The word of our Father
38- Slavery
39- Disease
40- Trials; Probation; Testings
42- Israel’s oppression; First advent
44- Judgement of the World
45- Preservation
50- Holy Spirit; Pentecost
60- Pride
66- Idol worship
70- Punishment and restoration of Israel; Universality
100- Election; Children of the promise
119- Spiritual perfection and victory 7*17=119
120- Divine period of probation
144- The Spirit guided life
200- Insufficiency
600- Warfare
666- Antichrist
777- Christ
888- Holy Spirit; The sum of Tree of Life
1000- Divine completeness and Fathers glory
4000- Salvation of the world through the blood of the Lamb ( Those who chose between Christ and Antichrist)
6000- Deception of Antichrist; Second advent
7000- Final judgement; Zadok
144,000- Those numbered of Israel

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