Overcoming Rejection

Have you heard the phrase: “Hurt people… hurt people”? Well, its true and what we discover is that the hurt we have assumed would go away over time, arises at the most surprising moments.

Old wounds allow demonic strongholds! 

We get angry at those we love, we get frustrated by little things or we hear words that were in passing; but cut like a knife. Its because we were wounded and did nothing about it. So many of God’s people carry emotional and even spiritual brokenness that can be opened at any time the Devil would like to discredit us. These things must be released and forgiven, or forever they will become the stinky dirty laundry of a hypocritical Christian.

Rejection wounds us and creates a platform for shame, roots of bitterness and hypocrisy.

King Saul became fiercely angry at his loyal champion David, as the women of Israel would sing about how David had killed his ten thousands and Saul had killed thousands. Saul was overcome by the perceived rejection of not being admired as the only champion worthy of praise (1 Sam 18:7-11). Thrusting his spear across the room was an illogical and confused King’s attempt to kill what he believed created his pain; David. Yet long before the jealous heart, the loathing looks or the thrusted spear… was the awareness that God had departed from Saul and he felt rejected.

Have we been there? Have we not all been halted at the Cross of Calvary; finding our identity in our performance, our good looks, our position in life or the praise of man. There is still just One who stands worthy of our praise. And yet that same One, remains the most rejected of all.

 He is Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! Rejected of men and forsaken by His own friends.

 He was rejected so that we could be accepted and He was crushed so that we could be healed (Isa 53:3-5). The punishment that was laid upon Him was ours indeed and He took it willingly that He might demonstrate Love’s highest achievement. Offered freely… as a gift to say,

 ”It is finished (Jn 19:30). No longer shall the shame of rejection or fear or sin rule the human race. If they will simply find their identity in Me, I will remove their stains and heal their hearts” (Jn 3:16-17).

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