“Paga” is Impact!

Impact happens when two things collide. The Hebrew word “Paga” means to meet or make an impact. It can be violent as on a battlefield (Judges 8:21) or simple as the intersecting of two roads (Gen 28:11). From a Biblical perspective, it helps describe our posture in prayer… we pray in order to make a spiritual impact upon the realities around us. This word often is used when we see the word “intercession” (Isa 53:12). Intercessory prayer or prayer that creates opportunity for impact, is our way of allowing God access to the things that need to change in our life or the lives of others. It works, because God loves us and has given us power to influence and align the stuff of earth with the Culture of Heaven.

Prayer is Supernatural Impact: 

When we pray, we are asking for the Kingdom of Heaven to impact the natural realm around us. A good spiritual example might be when someone prays for you about a particular situation and the anointing creates a shift in the atmosphere. That encounter makes an impact and KABOOM! – two forces come together with a momentum that causes something to move. It could be a mountain, an obstacle, a hindrance or an evil spirit; yet through the effective fervant prayer of a righteous man (Jas 5:16), the things that stand in opposition to God’s purposes in our lives begin to move.

Dynamic Impact:

The anointing is God’s great power (dynamite- Gk. “dunamis” Acts 1:8) released by the Holy Spirit to destroy yokes and remove burdens that would otherwise hold us in impossible situations. The anointing, which is a tangible substance, impacts the person or situation like a truck hitting a wall at high speed. This power of God directed into an area of need breaks through and enforces the victory Jesus has already won for us. Whether it is for healing, needed provision, broken relationships or major obstacles… whatever the need, God has an answer that makes an impact.

The Anointing Breaks Yokes (Isa 10:27):

As the anointing flows through a person’s prayer life or worship, I’ve seen it break open the atmosphere and restore entire families within a few simple moments! Imagine this anointing coming into your life and flooding the atmosphere where you live, work or meet with friends. The Bible says that when we resist the Devil, he flees like a puppy with his tail tucked between his legs.

Release the Anointing for Impact: 

God is interested in impact through you, so life is filled with more peace, releases more joy and advances the Kingdom of Heaven around you. Like a caring Father; interested in providing for you, God’s purpose is for your good. The impact He makes is not designed to control you, but to give you the opportunity to have an abundant life… a blessed life.

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