Pass the Blessing On

Last week the Glory of God became evident once again at meetings in Uganda.  Ron was sharing with a crowd, his personal testimony of how God had healed his orphan heart.  As he was finishing up the message he heard the Holy Spirit tell him to finish the message and then sit down.

During many sessions the ministry time around the altar would last for an hour or more, but there was a distinct difference in what God was wanting to do on this day.  So, Ron finished the message and then closed.  As soon as he closed, his interpreter Pastor Fred, began where Ron left off.  Pastor Fred began to call the people forward to experience the fierce love of Daddy God. It was a powerful time! The people were experiencing the love of the Father in a whole new way and Pastor Fred was pouring out heaven’s resources as a man carrying a pitcher of living water. The ministry time went on for a couple hours and then ended of course with an explosion of praise and dancing.

This really is how the Kingdom works.  Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and being aware of when you are to lead, and when you are to pass it on.

I have a dear friend and when we pray in a group together and she is finished, she will say, “and I pass the prayer along”.  I’ve also been in groups where we would hold hands in prayer and when you were finished praying you would give the hand of the person next to you a light squeeze to let them know that they could continue where you had stopped.

Pass It On

Jesus was such a great example of this….he laid his hands on the disciples and sent them off in groups of 2. “ When they returned they joyfully reported that even the demons obeyed us when  we used Your name” (Lk 10:17). Jesus was all about passing the blessing on!  He desired to impart the Kingdom and expand it anyway He could.

Pastor Jimmy:

Ron has also been able to set up the Apostolic Training Centers in this way. Even though Pastor Francis Wanyama is the host for Ron’s trip in Uganda, Ron has been able to connect with Pastor Jimmy Wandera.  Pastor Jimmy has been teaching at a Bible School near Busia, Uganda for about 12 years.  He has spent most of the last 2 weeks driving to wherever Ron was speaking and gleaning what he could.  During that time Pastor Jimmy shared with Ron that the Training Centers were something that he had dreamed of seeing and being a part of for the past 12 years.  He will be a key leader for the Training Centers in Uganda.  

As we pass the blessing on to others and allow them to partner with their Daddy God it opens so many more doors than if we try to do everything ourselves. That’s the other cool thing… 

 Sometimes when you pass the blessing on you are helping someone else fulfill their dream.

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