Pearl of Africa

Our next Missions Journey will be going into the wonderful Nation of Uganda; Feb 26-Mar 15, 2012. 

Nick-named by Winston Churchill, the Pearl of Africa; Uganda has delightful landscapes and a diversity of animal life. Yet, we will be enjoying its greatest treasure of all… its people. I was blessed to minister in this nation last fall as we did several Conferences and Leadership Training Seminars along the regions north of Lake Victoria. Pastor Francis Wanyama is my point person on the ground and he has been well received as an effective voice across the Southeast portions that border Lake Victoria. Pastors and Community Leaders have responded well, gathering around our corporate vision for revival among the people.

This trip will focus on three primary goals:
* First we will continue to serve the local church through evangelism and teaching, offering Kingdom Principles that make the Message of Christ plain for all to understand and embrace.
* Second we will meet with leaders and clarify our vision for Apostolic Training Centers that will release enormous influence through the work of empowering new pastors, teachers and orphan care workers. Health care will also become a part of the long term vision, as we hope to set up day clinics for basic health and dental needs to be met.
* Third and finally our hope is to open up several new doors of opportunity among the people who live on the islands of Lake Victoria.

Determined to Win:

In all of Africa, Uganda is one country that is winning the battle against the AIDS problem facing the Continent. As an independent nation, it has struggled for over 30 years with sadistic dictators, civil war, refugees and AIDS. But in 1993; the election of Yoweri Museveni as its President, has brought a shift and a determination to become the “Pearl” of Africa, that Churchill seemed to believe could emerge.

Defeating a Virus!

After his first year in office, he called the nation’s pastors and educators to a conference. “I can fight corruption,” he told the assembly. “I can beat down the rebel armies. But I cannot defeat a virus.” As a Christian man, he urged church leaders to preach the values of abstinence and monogamy. He called upon the educators to teach students about the causes and prevention of AIDS. His leadership put God in the schools and Jesus Christ within reach of a people who had lost their identity. The goal was to revive the message of God’s love for a Uganda that had lost its identity.

Healing of the Nation:

The results have been dramatic. Not even twenty years later, the new incidence of AIDS in Uganda has dropped by two thirds. The nation is healing. Life expectancy is growing. Uganda’s handling of AIDS has become a model for all of Africa.

Today, Uganda stands grateful, expectant and energized, because God is clarifying a prophetic vision for this “Pearl of Africa”. 

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