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Some people are part of something bigger than themselves.

They have committed to something or followed somebody who had an enormous dream. Its in us to commit our emotion to the big dream, because of the adventure. As the adrineline begins to explode, we take little thought to the risk of time and talent… its passion for a cause.

 To entertain a dream; simply because it sounds good, can leave us broken when it costs too much or feels too uncomfortable to those we love. The problem when a dream like this comes up is that some people commit to following because of the leader’s charisma or it just feels so significant.

 Could we actually change the world?

 The hype or passion of an important cause; like injustice for example, can swoop us up by stirring our sympathy. I hear folks say “oh but this is such an important issue” when we may not be spiritually or emotionally ready to do anything.

 Perhaps the greatest dream ever thought through was in the mind of God… the Dream of Redemption.

 As He considered the dream it was His passion that moved His hands… God so loved the world that He chose to send His only Son (Jn 3:16). Jesus said we must count the cost (Lk 14:28) to see if we truly have the heart to make the changes required to truly follow the dream. His admonition was that we should each “pick up our cross” (Mt 16:24-25) and follow Him… follow the One with the dream.

 I want to shed some light on an issue here that must not be overlooked as we connect to the heart of God… for the dreams of God. Loving one another takes courage and it costs more than any of us often calculate. When feelings get hurt or words strain our fellowship there are times of re-evaluation.

 Do we really have the ability; the courage to love that person?

 I believe feelings (both good and bad) are some of the most important measurements of our commitment to love others… yes they are fickle but they help us calibrate our perspective on God’s dream. We might not ask the question, but we can feel our emotional discomfort when a dream becomes bigger than our character can carry. That’s when we give up or press into the Holy Spirit for character transformation.

 I heard a friend say “God will sometimes offend your mind to reveal your heart” and I see this principle so often in my life.

 As a forerunner in a ministry that is always aiming to be on the cutting edge, I see feelings get hurt often… both mine and those who follow the dream God has planted in our hearts. Feelings must get hurt to cause the re-adjustments that deepen our commitment levels and bring the dreams of God’s heart into proper perspective.

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