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  • Nola Christos:

    Many blessings in Christs’ Majestic Name

    I too work with Kenya in regards to their oprhans. Do you know Bishop Hirbo Huka, by chance?

    I live in Portland, OR. I did not see an Itinerary, but would love to visit with you when you come to the Pacific North West.

    • Ron:

      Thank you friend; I appreciate your kind comments and hope to visit with you as well. Our next trip to Kenya is scheduled for September 23- October 16. Please pray for us and follow our posts so that you can see how things are coming along. We love these people and believe God is willing and ready to release a great outpouring of His Spirit upon them. Jesus has done so much in their hearts and in our hearts through the Kenyan folks. We are truly blessed to live in a season of fruitful experiences in the Kingdom of God. Praise His Name!

  • Ron,

    Praying for you while you are in Kenya! There is something supernatural happening there at this hour in time! I just returned from there on August 29th after 5 weeks of intense ministry! Over 1,000 saved and many filled with the Spirit! Praying for your journey!

  • we see the ministry of Jesus in Ron vision and faith!!for he goes to the poor and simple,help them to build churches and teach them to win souls for Jesus!!in langas we praise the lord for Ron,held this ministry in the slums and heart of langas slum.

  • beatrice Anazitazia nanzala:

    The message a bout the glory is a powerful message that leaves many people challenged like the one in Eldoret was great it has changed my life completely. God bless you as you continue to minister this great words to many nations we are praying for this work i and my husband because it takes the hand of God to walk around the world doing his work

  • Dear Pastor Ron
    T,I thank God for connecting together it divine connection from God and have seen a great change in me and the pastors in Eldoret kenya. since i knew you. let praying for each other because the enemy is always not happy when brothers work to gather in unity.I was really grateful for consideration to pray for me and pastor and the church in Eldoret, Kenya and Africa .I believe God is doing something. we are also praying for this work .the words of the glory you are speak is very powerfully and anointed to me i am trying to see you as a prophet of God that God as sent to Kenya and all of Africa .i am very happy what God is giving you to me and the pastors in kenya Eldoret.has been a blessing to many people in the slam we have been reaching with the true Gospel of the glory of God.
    so pray for Gods provision on this ministry.I’m Looking for word to your respond soon.God bless you. you are Love.
    pastor Hesborne Namamba-for kenya

  • Dear in Christ,
    I greet you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has privileged me to send this e-mail for your kind co-operation for the extension of the kingdom of God. If God inspires you please have your involvement in the way God enables you and strengthens your hand. Years are passing very quickly. We know that our dear Lord’s coming is very imminent. We are seeing the signs of His advent. But still there is still a lot of Gospel work to do. A number of precious souls are perishing before our eyes with out knowing Jesus. Our ambition is to reach every nook and comer and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. In this regard I request you to have your involvement in the way that our Lord inspires you and enables you.

    You know that India is a country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians worship more than 35 million gods and goddesses. Out of one billion Indians only 2.4% are Christians. There have been endeavors to root our Christianity from India. We sense that in the coming days the doors for Gospel work in India will be closed Christianity will not be allowed. Before that happens we wish to do as much Gospel work as we can and save as many perishing souls as we can. In this regard I request you very humbly to have your partnership in the Gospel work in India. If it is possible for you please visit India to share the Gospel with our people, community activities and encourage missionaries to visit India in teams to have a thunder bolt on the darkness of the enemy and lead many in the light of salvation. Your regular prayers are more important.

    Jesus said to Peter in John 21:15-17 “ Feed my Lambs”. We believe that it is the will of our Heavenly Father to feed His Lambs. The Organization deals with organizes, help the aged and the widows, health care etc., please encourage me with your kindest reply for which God will surely reward you. I await your kind reply prayerfully and hopefully.
    Thanking you,
    yours Brother in the wonderful love,
    Sukumar .S,

  • apostle ochieng:

    Praise the lord.
    Greetings in Jesus name!. We wanted to inform you that we are a fellowship currently with spiritual members. When I was saved the year 2009, my heart was on fire going around my village inviting them to come into my home for bible study. Since then, God as increased us. Therefore we have remained to be quite listening from God.
    However the Holy Spirit has reminded us about the website whereby immediately He as opened for us your page. We read over and over about your doctrines and believes. Then we returned to the fellowship seeking more God’s will. So we knew you early five months back. Now we write today requesting your Christian Love so to consider us here as fruits of your Ministry out of your anointing prayers. We invite you officially with your ministry to visit Kenya.
    Thanks. We hope to hear from you soon.
    apostle Ochieng

  • Thank you for sharing this site with me. It is a great encouragement and resource. I am new to preaching. The names of God list will be very helpful in our songwriting. It is the most complete I have found. Blessings to you!

  • Pst Ron,
    I’m elated with the Grace of Ministry you have! God appointed you at such a moment in this Generation with an intense Purpose when hearts are really in desperation for a hunger for True Worship.
    Glad knowing you.
    When are you coming next?

  • pastor lukas maina,:

    thanks apostle Ron!!thanks for praying for me and anointing me in the name of the lord!!as result our church have grown both numerical and spiritual,and we are putting over 1000 church sanctuary next year,please pass by now that you are in Uganda,come ordain our church,plus me for the work of ministry ,,before you go back to America..please come with my sister Sarah Wilson if she is found there in Uganda,she must not go back with out coming to us and minister..any way come for Sunday worship,as next year we organize great spiritual event for you.thanks

  • John:

    Amen Pastor Ron , I have watch the picture and I find that God has used you in different ways to fulfill his work , through conference, Crused and caring Orphans and I was also there and it was a blessing to me.God bless you.

  • yes we are fully organizing destiny international conference! am sure some thing about to happen in our city!! apostle Ron bate man coming on 12th to 15th December. pastors! church leaders! church members are coming over! around 500 prayers intercessors are praying for Ron day and night!!! we are gonna reach every body about this great apostolic teaching… for not right for any body to miss this great time of spiritual awakening and revival the lord almighty about to send to our city!!! our prayers is that the faithful heavenly father, God of all creation, to be gracious to us and let all come for good news!! not for our glory but for this divine glory….we are planing to put the announcement in the air, by radio station called biblia husema… and all in our city to be aware of this great divine happening on 12th to 15th December 2013. we are also praying that our dear father in heaven.. to provide missionary Ron with much funds he may needs, to pay the air tickets, hotel bills and get funds here and there for great charitable work waiting for him in Kenya and many nations across Africa nations! Ron love orphans , destitute children and poor, all the time he visits many children in homes are assisted! he and sister Sarah Wilson have been a great help to our Samaritan nursery school, their prayers and giving have enabled us started a feeding program to street children and orphans… again we started reaching out on our church because of their prayers, love and giving.. they printed very powerful beautiful post cards, we have been using, and our church have grown from 30 to 1000 registered members, may the lord bless Ron bateman and this nice Sarah Wilson in Jesus name…. Ron is our father in this holy faith, a dad to all of us in Kenya, and our spiritual father….

  • Dear Pastor Ron
    We Love you and we are praying for you in Kenya Africa .
    We have been with praying and fasting this week and lord has been spiking to us so much in Africa. that is raising up Africa to save all the wold and to bring the revival in the all wold.thank you Brother Ron for being part of this revival for the lord has shoo us that he will raise some people ,to be part of this .pray for us to get new sound equipment in oder to help us this Revival in Africa you know it need s people of the heart of loin. God bless you.we are praying for your coming conference in Eldoret Kenya on 12 of this 12/2013.
    Brother Hesborne and the group

  • Thank you for sharing my art work

  • greeting in Jesus name

    i have visited your site and i feel good that your all strength and honesty and faithfulness fore serving the lord God Jesus Christ i pray for you God will use you in whole world.i and my team who consist on five people ,three pastors and two evangelists and with our families independently serving the lord in Lahore Pakistan .this is Muslim country .where mostly Muslims people living here.but we are zestful and faithful and we are serving by Jesus mission who made us before 3 years .all people graduate and be live trinity and salvation.our ministry is not registered by government .this is the big issue there fore we are not doing open ministry here.we have no sources to run the ministry.but we have ministry and passion and pain for those who unsaved.we want to do it and save their lives .we need such a leadership who support us not only financially but spiritually.please kindly give your ministry information .and we want to do work with you for the glory of God .we pray for this God give the spiritual leadership who show the glory in our country and among the people.

    God bless u and your ministry pastor sunil from Lahore Pakistan.

  • Praise the lord


    Sir our website is under construction and we need your prayers and support for bible college
    Smyrna bible college in India

    Plz don’t forgot us

    Thank you

    Bishop Salomanjobs
    Csm church India

  • Great Father Ron for the wonderful work that God entrusted in you.Yes,indeed you are the chosen vessel!I am glad that my people in the poor slums will recieve training for they are thirsty to know the truth and to serve,now see how God is good!I am meeting with my Church elders Tomorrow on Sunday and we will discuss the way forward on establishing the training are in our prayers as we continue in this Spiritual Journey Through the Word.We love you and your family,our brethren who are standing with you in Prayers in order to make the the Training Successive.Looking forward to plant atraining center in Nairobi,Mukuru Kwa Reuben Slum.

  • Dear brother Ron please pray for you without any help only by faith running the orphan home in India without percents am with u orphan children home and running the training center please all people treble long the Forest Areas
    please am with u fellowship in India

  • beatrice Nanzala:

    We thank God For you pastor Ron .The great work you come to do in Africa has yielded many leaders in our region are now trained through apostolic a result others are developing the need to be trained especially the message of the glory is sending signals to millions of in east many souls are turning to Christ. God bless you for the great our center we are on the last teachings about apostolic teaching somewhere in the course of the year before end of 2017 we shall be through.we have received very rich materials about apostolic ministry and the kingdom of GO

  • May the peace of the Lord be with you pastor, I m very happy to connect with you through website , but I like to meet you personally to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. I m pastor Prabhakar, Restoration Ministry-India, please pray for our ministry and visit us to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be a blessing to many people are well many pastor.,
    May God bless you pastor.,

    Thanking you,
    Pastor prabhakar, India

  • Pastor Prabhakar:

    May the peace of the Lord be with you pastor.
    I am so happy to connect with through internet, but also I like to meet you personally to the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. please pray for us and the Church construction.
    With prayers and thanks,
    Pastor Prabhakar,

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