Praise Beautifies

Praise Looks Good on You… So go put your Praise on!

“Rejoice in the LORD, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is beautiful.” (Ps. 33:1)

What a Sight!

This Scripture, out of the Psalms; tells us something that we must never forget… praise beautifies the heart! It looks good on you! Its the power of God’s Glory, evident and brilliant… as seen on Jesus (2 Cor. 4:6)(Heb. 1:3)… and reflected on the face of His Bride (Rev. 19:5-10). Some of the most memorable moments I have ever experienced are in seasons of rejoicing! I love seeing praise on the faces of the Saints of God! Its more than just a happy feeling that stirs the heart. In fact, many of the best worshipers are in the midst of terrible storms. Yet in these moments of praise, breakthrough is released! The faces of God’s people, shining with His kindness and goodness, brings encounter that refresh and revive the soul of all who see it. Lives are transformed and purpose is released by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s power touching the most wounded, broken and desperate of heart. No question – Praise Looks Good on the Righteous!

Heaven’s Perspective:

God gets pleasure from the rejoicing of His family! I can imagine my Heavenly Father watching and seeing faces and hearing the voices of those whose hearts are captured by His Promises. I believe that God is a wonderful father and just as I feel proud of my children, so too He smiles and loves the way that praise looks and sounds! All of heaven is filled with rejoicing at the reality of a simple sinner who turns in trusting faith toward God, so also His heart turns toward the sounds of praise. The Bible tells us that when we are overwhelmed, when we are under heavy stress and anxiety, we should put on the garment of praise. As God sees and hears your words of adoration, He will remove the burdens and embrace you with His love.

So let your voices ring out… praise looks good on you!

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