Praise Positions Us

Jesus has made the only perfect sacrifice for our freedom from sin’s residue. His blood, shed on the cross, has made us acceptable to God. Through faith in Him we are reconciled to our Heavenly Father and made heirs to all the promises and blessings found in our relationship with Him.

Praise is a powerful tool that helps us take pocession of that freedom.

“Therefore by Him, let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks unto His name” (Heb 13:15).

The Old Testament spoke of the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” (Lev 7:12). This was a form of peace offering. The peace offering brought an individual into a wonderful experience by ushering them into the Hebrew concept of “shalome”… wholeness and well-being. It was presented when someone was seeking blessing from the Lord or desired to give thanks for blessing received. It was bigger than just a religious ritual, because it renewed a fellowship with God and brought real joyful expression to the covenant made with Him. The Hebrew word for “thanksgiving” in Leviticus 7 is “towdah” and expresses adoration and commitment. Literally, it refers to the extension of the hand, as in fellowship or communicating an embrace.

The author of Hebrews picked up on this term when he referred to “the fruit of our lips giving thanks”. The Greek word for “giving thanks” is homologeo meaning to say the same word… it is commonly translated as “confess”.

This is how the New International Version says it, “the fruit of lips that confess His name”. To confess something is to acknowledge and get into agreement with it… to embrace it completely. With our sacrifice of praise, we are coming into transformation as we confess the name of the Lord. We are getting into agreement with, who God is and what He has done. Through this refocus we begin to understand our true identity and experience what we have in Him.

Praise brings agreement and stabilizes our hearts in God’s Will and purposes for life.

The author of Hebrews is actually saying that from our mouths, we can position ourselves in His strength… in His peace and in the Blessing. So lets Praise Him all the more!

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