Press On In!

If indeed, we are “In Christ”…  

It is like being ushered into a multi-level home that we are free to explore. It has many fascinating and interesting rooms, many hidden passages, and exciting possibilities to experience. We, who have become the heirs of salvation are invited to enter into all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge… In Christ. Not just stand in the doorway of Eternity!

Move In! 

Let us move beyond the entrance of our Spiritual Houses in Christ. We want to move into the “unsearchable riches of Christ”. Pressing on in, like we own the place… after all it is our inheritance. We have crossed the Red Sea into a land of promise. Should we not go forward and take possession; the believer’s enjoyment on Earth… Freedom! Manna is good, but there is a Promise Land “flowing with milk and honey” yet to be possessed. Giants? Yes! Enemies? Yes! But faith in God and trust in His promises, will secure us our victory in the battles we face. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we must move into our living quarters.

Don’t Settle for Observation:

Looking into the Promises of God is not the same as possessing spiritual victory. We must not allow our hearts to be filled with unbelief; but by faith, we must move beyond your comfort zone into new unclaimed spiritual territory God has destined for us! We will experience answers to prayer and glorify the Father. We will see the fruit of being the faith filled disciples of Christ and experience supernatural joy, “unspeakable and full of glory!”

The Mystery is Revealed:

In Ephesians one, we see that a Mystery has been revealed. We have been chosen “In Christ”, we are the redeemed “In Christ”, we have an inheritance “In Christ” and we have been sealed “In Christ”. Its time that we walk In Christ and experience the very life of Christ. If we are complete In Him and hidden In Him, then we should have no excuses for a life apart from Him. There is nothing that can be added to us when we are In Christ, for In Christ dwells all of the fullness of the Godhead, bodily. Pressing in means laying hold of all that Christ has purchased for us. Its territory that if we never possess, we will never know its promise nor hand it off to those who follow our example.

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