Pressing Forward

We often find ourselves in the awkward position where our strength is not enough and where our wisdom falls incredibly short. So what do the righteous do in the face of real opposition? The Bible clearly says we are not of those that shrink back, but we press forward even to the saving of the soul (Heb. 10:35-36).

 This passage tells us of our greatest need… “endurance”.

 Endurance is a big word, but we all know its meaning… “staying power”. Are you; am I, one of those Christians who gives up easily? My heart finds no endurance in hype and it will not respond to meaningless rules… do this or do that! I must be trained in righteousness and discipled by a deep fellowship in the Truth.

 Jesus wants to set me free from weak and feeble mind sets (Jn 8:30-36).

 In this verse we read about the effect of our pressing into the challenges of our faith… our soul gets saved. I think this literally means that my mind gets stubborn and unless I discipline myself, I will consistently “shrink” when I’m supposed to “press in”.

We have need of endurance training!

 The objective of endurance training is to develop the energy production that meets the demand called for by the event before us. Someone once told me that endurance cannot be measured until our challenge becomes recognized as a challenge. I think we find ourselves giving up before we even know we are in the race.

 The Apostle Paul said run the race as one who wins… who gets the prize (1 Cor 9:24). He was encouraging us to set our minds on the rewards that are gained. When we have done the will of God, we receive the promise.

 I want the promise, don’t you?

 The promise is the reward of my believing. I am often looking at the struggle like a deer looking at headlights, when I should be a valiant warrior taking aim at my enemy. I can endure to the end and receive like our Victorios King… Jesus. He endured the cross, won the race and overcame the battle so that I might be equipped to embrace the promise.

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