Promised Goodness

Some promised goodness


The Bible is filled with God’s promises for life. It speaks about mercies being new every morning and compassions that never fail. The question most folks have however is, ”How do I recognize His promise when it shows up at my doorstep?” 

The answer: You will need to be expecting it!

 Its no mystery that if your mind is on a ball game, you might miss the mail carrier, who just dropped off a gift. You might catch the big play; but unless you are looking for the mail, you will probably miss the delivery. Its all about getting your eyes on the Carrier. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning (Jms 1:17).

 We can have the best intentions and still miss God’s promised goodness in our lives. Just consider the greatest gift of all! Jesus, God’s only Son was given to take away the sin of the world (Jn 3:16-17). Yet, millions of people are living everyday without embracing the goodness revealed in His death upon the cross.

 Its a strange thought for those of us who have experienced His love, but not so strange for many who believe God to be an angry judge or abusive parent. Our experience or faulty religious teachings can mess with our views on the goodness of God. “Would He? Could He? or Can He?” These questions become difficult to answer, because they require healthy beliefs about ourselves and the True nature of God. 

Let me focus on the 2 most important ideas about God’s goodness:

  1. God is for you! His heart for you is always good and perfect… He is a loving Father. God never gives second class gifts, because His nature is to love us and nurture fruitful living (2 Cor 5:17). 
  2. Forgiveness opens our eyes. It is the greatest gift of all and enables us to recognize that He is good. The Father of lights shines upon our heart; not to condemn, but to free us from sin and guilt that blinds us to His goodness (2 Cor 4:4-6).

Healing and restoration, free us to live our lives in expectation of the goodness of the Lord being experienced everyday. We can recognize His love all the time and connect to His goodness. No matter how difficult the circumstance; believing and expecting the good and perfect gifts of God, will transform the way we see life.

 I’m not talking about extraordinary things. I am talking about living in His promised goodness and prospering as His Blessed Child. Its a choice we can make in everything that happens. It also helps free us to understand that things are not happening to us, they are happening for us (Rom 8:28).

 I see God pouring out His good gifts over me today, gifts that are too wonderful to define by simple observation. I would rather live in mystery than to define everything and possibly be wrong, simply because I live with incomplete information. The gifts of God must have a season to reveal their significance in my life.

So… I’m thankful in all things; and I’m willing to trust in His Fathering, because in this I don’t miss a thing. I can expect to experience more and more of His promised goodness.

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