Pursuing His Presence

I caught myself praying this morning as every morning with the words “My Father…”.

 As I look at the entire focus of my life I see but one passion and its pursuing the Presence of My Heavenly Father. He has set a pattern for my life by loving me and calling me to Himself everyday. I awaken from my sleep to hear His voice saying: ”Come to Me, My Son and I will give you enough love for your day, enough power for your challenges and enough grace for the people you will cross paths with this day.”

 …and so I run into the place of prayer, our place… where I shut the door and invite His Presence to fill the space.

 Its a secret place in My Father’s heart where I find His resource of promised love and enjoy His provision of approval and strength. He shows me His nature and I see differently… I feel differently… I walk differently… because now I know something of His passion for me and for the world in which I live.

 He “Father’s me” and its more wonderful than anything I had ever imagined. Indeed I am just a little boy with a Great Dad.

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