Reaching Forward

Today is day 16 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Scripture: Philippians 3:7-16
Thought for Today: “Reaching Forward”

This lifestyle of prayer and fasting is really all about the exercise of reaching forward to lay hold of Christ. We are letting go of our past, counting all things as loss and pressing toward the upward call of God. He has apprehended us through salvation and He wants us to become His Kingdom Agents in the Earth. This call is not an occupational choice, we are not working for Him… we are working with Him. We are becoming a people in step with His purposes.

The Prize that is Ahead:

The Apostle Paul emphasizes this reality as he speaks to us about reaching forward to those things which are ahead. There is an obvious prize in his efforts… “Christ”. He speaks of four key principles in the prize set before him:

  1. To know “Christ”.
  2. To gain “Christ”.
  3. To be found in ”Christ”.
  4. To walk with “Christ”.

That word, “Christ” is a significant title that means “Anointed One” and points to more than just a person named Jesus. Jesus carried something with Him everywhere He went… the anointing of the Holy Spirit (Lk 4:18)(Acts 10:38). By calling His followers “Christians”, all the world now assumes that we too are called as “little anointed ones” to carry something everywhere we go.

Carrying the Christ Anointing:

We should and we must carry the anointing everywhere we go(2 Cor 1:21)! It is the Holy Spirit’s power poured out (Acts 1:8) that breaks yokes (Isa 10:27) and destroys the works of the devil (1 Jn 3:8). Yet this will require a lifestyle of reaching forward consistently for more of Christ. Its not information, but power; life transforming power. Its not inspiration, its purity and a wealth of spiritual integrity. Its not desperation, its supernatural faith and trust in a God who still does miracles. We are not working out our religious service, we are reaching forward to carry the same anointing that rested upon Jesus (Jn 14:12).

Revival Fire:

The flame that burns within our heart, is fueled by that which we see through the eyes of faith. We are reaching and gaining a more excellent prize than gold or human favor. Our reaching forward is to lay hold of Christ…

The Desire of the Nations (Hag 2:7) 
             …and the Hope of Glory (Col 1:27).

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