Recovering Lost Glory

God’s Amazing Adventure:

When God created Adam, He made a powerful decision. He asks Adam to name the animals. In doing this He was teaching Adam a basic principle about Glory. He was demonstrating to Adam, that when you look into the nature of something it will eventually reveal its character and purpose. When these things are discovered, “naming” it becomes simple. But it also creates a platform for relationship with the animal being named. Adam would need to discover how a porcupine was unique to the elephant, lion or bear.

The Point:

This training would serve to help him value the Glory of God.

In this process God was making Himself vulnerable to the desire of Adam, because this training would serve to help him value the Glory of God, and recognize when it was lost. Adam would sin and fall short of the Glory of God (Rom. 3:23) and all would be lost except the memory of God’s heart toward Adam. As God returns to the Garden of Eden to find the man hiding himself, it was not man who could not find God… it was God who could not find man (Gen. 3:9-10). Oh, God knew where he was, but his sin now created desire for separation and spiritual death. It would now become impossible for man to have fellowship with God, because disobedience stood as a barrier between the perfect and the fallen. God calls this man to Himself and clothes the man with the garment of a lamb, shedding innocent blood and forever revealing the pattern of recovering lost Glory (Gen. 3:21). Something would need to die… a sacrifice sufficient to cover the nakedness of man’s condition.

The Power of Love:

God takes the initiative because of the power of love. It was love in the Garden that made all the difference and it will always be love that restores Glory… “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son” (Jn. 3:16). Like a Lamb lead to the slaughter, the sinless Son of God became the ultimate offering for sin; so that all who would call upon Him for mercy and forgiveness of their sin might live. Everyone who calls upon Jesus now receives the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Promise of the Father and adoption into the family of God (Acts 2:38-39).

…where Glory becomes the atmosphere of a restored garden within the heart (Jn. 20:19-23).

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