Rejoice Always

“Rejoice in the Lord always – and again I say, rejoice!” (Phil 4:4)


This incredible statement inspires me like nothing in all the Bible, because it was communicated out of the wineskin of real Christianity. At the time this was penned, the Apostle Paul had become a prisoner and sent to Rome as a revolutionary in the midst of the culture. He spent his days and nights under house arrest chained to a Roman soldier. I am amazed at all this hero of faith endured for the advancement of God’s Kingdom on planet Earth. I have become convinced it was because he was able to say, rejoice…always!


To rejoice means to exhibit joy; to release your joy so it is evident on the outside of you. The only way rejoicing can be sustained over any period of time is if it is motivated by something internal. Rejoicing is a supernatural reality that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Bubbling from Within:

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would cause a bubbling up of living water from within our “belly” (Jn 7:37-39). Our human spirit would become animated by a heavenly resource… joy. The Apostle Peter wrote about a ”joy unspeakable and full of glory”, experienced when through believing, we begin to fellowship in God’s love (1 Pet 1:8-9). The Old Testament wall-builder Nehemiah tells us that this joy of the Lord that comes up within us, ”…is our strength” (Neh 10:8). Its the power we need to bear up under the weight of problems and trials of faith. The Holy Spirit’s power makes us witnesses on the outside based upon a strength from the inside. Praise the Lord!

Rejoicing Releases Power:

The Prophet Isaiah declared that our joy and rejoicing actually draws water up out of the wells of salvation (Isa 12:2). When we who are saved recognize all that God has done for us through the promise of the Holy Spirit, then joy becomes our bucket. It taps into the wells of salvation in the seasons of drought and unlocks the inheritance that fear has left hidden. You see, God has not hidden our inheritance from us, but has positioned it for the serious seeker to find.

Rejoicing Produces:

Rejoicing makes the struggle of our faith produce something of substance. Trust, patience, endurance, loyalty and best of all testimonies, all come from wells that are deeper than our natural eyes can tap into. Rejoicing offers us spiritual eyes. Eyes that see miracles before they are visible. It breaks us free of limitations by lifting our vision to the bigger picture and loftier purpose. It offers ”the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Phil 4:7).

True Influence:

We tell God that if we had more strength we could do this or that for Him, but do we realize that God is fully capable and in no need of our help. He is looking for worshipers, those who will love Him and labour from the position of delight. Those who welcome His Presence will become filled with His joy. All the work of God is bound to our believing (Jn 6:29) and all the will of God is fulfilled when we live in thanksgiving (1 Thess 5:18). Jesus said over and over again that He wanted His joy to be in us and our joy to be full. So, however sacrificial or significant we might hope our influence would be, it will not move the heart of God as much as the sound of rejoicing in the midst of our journey. So rejoice in the Lord always… and again I say rejoice!

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