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What is defining your life? Are you positioned to fulfill your greatest purpose and could you reach your destiny from this place, at this time? Perhaps you are far from where you hope to be. Its okay to have seasons of uncertainty, but to have no sense of direction is a very dangerous place to find yourself.

Take a moment and imagine yourself from God’s perspective. God has made Himself available and torn down the walls of separation between His love and our hearts. He has a plan for our good that should never be missed through our ignorance or selfish ambition.

If your dreams have been stolen from you or your goals drew you off course somewhere, then you must make every effort to hear the promise of God…”I will restore to you the years that the locust have eaten” (Joel 2:25).

God is the restorer of broken destiny! Now is the time to ask the Lord to release the winds of change to blow over your life and shift you back on track with your destiny in Him. Its well within the reach of your voice, but you must call upon Him for the shift to occur (Jer 33:3).

The primary reason we must call upon God is because of how much of life is hidden and difficult to understand… we are limited to our own experience.

Jesus said to Saul of Tarsus, on the road to Damascus “its hard for you to kick against the goads” (Acts 9:5).

What He was trying to tell this confused and dangerous persecutor of the early church was that He had a better plan for his life. Jesus was calling out to Saul to become the Apostle to the entire Gentile World. Notice that Jesus took the initiative because experience was leading Saul more off course all the time. Restoration is a product of experiences with God not experiences apart from Him. This Apostle to the Gentiles would later write,

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

On track with God, Paul was aware that Christ was the Restorer of Destiny.

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