Saturation Point

An Open Heaven Offers Rain

An Open Heaven Offers Rain

The Church was birthed in the rain… under an outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s Anointing!

The Apostle Peter speaks into the rain with a saturated message and 3,000 people got saved in a day (Acts 2:40-41).

 Can I just say that it isn’t really about how clever our sermons might be or how well programmed we are in our services. Its all about whether we have reached our saturation point.

 If we have a lot of God in our midst, then a lot of things take place! Today there is a youth movement being stirred by the Holy Spirit, that is shaking the nations, from youth groups to home fellowships and from street corners to college campuses… there is a fire for those authentic supernatural experiences as recorded in the book of Acts. Testimonies are being communicated that boggle the mind… of little groups of young people gathering to pray for the sick, willing to ask for the impossible and chasing about the countryside for “seasons of rain”.

On the platforms of many churches the professional folks are continuing to overlook the obvious while those without a formal pulpit hear the rain in the distance.

It feels like the days of Elijah, when at the Prophet’s heartfelt petition the drought was ended by a cloud the size of a man’s hand. I believe we are in for a deluge… and its time for all of us to display our thirst. Like dry and empty vessels, we need an outpouring that will completely fill us up. There have been seasons when we have experienced the sprinkles that brought renewal, but its the day of total saturation that will lead us into restoration. The longing of my heart is for the Body of Christ to reach its saturation point and come alive with the rain of Heaven.

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