Shocking Violence

The story you are about to read is not an unfamiliar part of the African Culture. There is a limited police force in the slums and often the practice of dealing with a thief is immediate and violent. I have seen with my own eyes violent mobs stoning young people who were caught stealing things from the market. I have come to feel such a burden for these pastors as their ministries are facing great challenges. This dear Brother Lucas Maina is one of our partnering pastors in Eldoret and I have written about him before. He is a faithful brother and our relationship was begun by his participation in one of our pastor’s conferences. The ripples of this event have touched our hearts deeply and I felt you would pray for their ministry to remain strong in the midst of this recent incident.

“Two of our pastors in Mombasa, Kenya were burnt beyond recognition as they were doing door to door evangelism.” (writes Pastor Lucas Maina)

We are very shocked today at the news that our two brothers were killed in Mombasa! Please pray for our nation, because our hearts are troubled. We have chosen to withdraw for a day or two to pray and seek the Lord! Two of our pastors in Mombasa, Kenya were burnt beyond recognition as they were doing door to door evangelism. It has affected us deeply. There is still an ongoing investigation, but the pastors were said to have gone to witness to a witch doctor and he accused them of being thieves! It has been reported to us that the witch doctor raised an alarm and called for a mob. Our two brothers were doused with gasoline and set a blaze. They are faithful brothers and one was a close friend, Pastor Jackson Kioko. The other is Pastor Juma of Nyali Baptist Church. Although Kenya police are still at work investigating the cause of why two clergymen were lynched - it is yet unknown. We have become very affected by this loss of two pastors in door to door evangelism.

We have been in touch with Pastor Jackson’s family. Just last week he called me and we shared much on soul winning, because we have similar mission works in Eldoret and Mombasa. Although we are independent ministries, we have much in common and we love each other as brothers. Our hearts are set on reaching and winning souls to Jesus!

It is not uncommon for us to see struggles and press on, even as the witch doctors practice in our region. We find the strength and wisdom to speak openly as God leads us. We have managed to reach 5 witch doctors in Langas area! Hundreds have been reached by the Gospel of the Kingdom and our church building is full of new believers. We give all the glory to Jesus! 

We thank the Lord for the prayers of the saints all over the world! Though we too have seen such violence, the Lord has been able to deliver us. One day on our mission a Muslim man open his dogs upon us. Again, we were threatened by a witch doctor after we removed some of her crafts. Once we were chased with a sharp panga (large knife) by a man believed to be a thief, who found us praying for his family. Realize it is not easy to reach out in the slums. We covet your prayers.

In the case of these two pastors, we do not understand. How can they be confused for thieves? We are told that the witch doctor shouted that they were thieves after they witnessed to him! How can two pastors with their Bibles and Gospel literature in their hands, be confused for thieves? The people who did this were ones who hated the Christian faith and had no understanding of the God who loves them so much! Please pray for our leaders, pray for their courage and the protection of their families as we press forward in the work of God. Thank you Pastor Ron, we love you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • thanks apostle ron..continue praying for our nation ..pray that every thing will be well,also note all the churches in my slum are praying for you to visit again in africa kenya,we praise the lord for your apostolic net work ..many pastors were blessed, by your preaching minisrty…a bond of unity,love and fellowship was born inbetween churches and ministers..thank….you requested us not to fight,each others…but all we should build the kingdom.and the lord will build this own church..shalom.

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