Stand In Promise

When God gives you a Promise…. You fight for it!

 When I read about Joshua leading the Israelites over the Jordan into the Promised Land, there is encounter after encounter when they had to fight to possess their promise. God had promised them the land. He told Joshua that every place the sole of his foot tread upon was his. Yet they still had to fight for it – and fight for it they did.

 So many of us want our promises delivered to us on a silver platter; but we must remember the devil does not want us to walk in the promises of God. In fact, he will try to get you to give up on those promises. That is why we must fight for the promises God has given us.

  •  If God tells you, you will have victory, you stand on that promise.
  •  If God tells you everything you touch will be abundant and yet everything you touch seems to fall apart, you stand and fight for the promise.
  •  If God tells you a loved one will be healed, you fight and don’t let the “father of lies” have his way.

 Stand on the promise of God!

 When the enemy creeps in to tell you how unworthy you are… fight back. Take your stand on the Truth, that you are a Blood Bought Child of a Royal Order! God is your Father and He brings forth His Word of Promise to establish our feet in His purposes. Make no mistake, He is honored at the fulfilment of His promises. God invests Himself in the promises He makes to us and expects us to stand in them and fight for them in His name and for His honor.

 God’s command to Joshua was to put on courage and stand in His Promise… for in the midst of the battle God would be with him. God would give him rest and God was the One giving the land to him. Remind yourself that all things are at God’s command.

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