Stretching for Grace

We have more information available to us on a daily basis by way of the internet than ever before in our history. Some of the information is even accurate! But having information available is not entirely helpful. What I have discovered is that knowing stuff can clog my spirit, puff me up and toss me into a soulish ditch.

Moving Forward:

Somebody told me a ditch is a rut with the walls kicked out of it and although that sounds like it might offer an exit strategy… don’t be surprised when the walls finally show up again. The point is, that intellect can only take you so far… then you must find the grace to move forward. Grace is Power from God! 

Lessons from a Pop-up Camper:

Something we learned in a pop-up camper several years ago, continues to speak to me today. Our five children and a cat that had tangled with a skunk, discovered that life gets its meaning from the stretching it causes our heart to endure. Did I mention that this experience was about 40 days of very uncomfortable living? Instead of gaining the ability to create meaning from disorder, sometimes we are whittled down to a stretch for grace.

Relying on Grace:

Unable to right our wrongs and fix our mistakes, we must rely upon the grace God offers us. When we are unable to create meaning from the information we are given. Meaning finds us… or should I say God’s grace finds us and gives us new information. 

The pop-up camper was not the key to our fresh perspective, but the removal of routine forced us to see what had real meaning. You give whatever you receive in life, therefore at times you must change the atmosphere to find fresh grace. 

Needing to Stretch:

When need calls out for grace, I promise you, God is not hiding Himself from you. Your stretching is only for a moment in the big picture, but you might need the stretch to see grace clearly (Phil 4:19). Oh, by the way if you don’t want the discomfort of a pop-up camper, try humbling yourself… God gives even more grace to the humble (Jms 4:6).

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