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God is Listening

God is listening

Let the new song arise!

Then the LORD said, “Rise and anoint him; he is the one. So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the LORD came upon David in power.” (1 Sam 16:12-13)


As the young teenage boy looked out on the flock of sheep he was tending, his heart was filled with pain. Once again, they had rejected him. The great Prophet Samuel was coming to their home, and he was the only family member not to be invited.

“Why do they hate me so much?” he whispered to himself. “Am I really that different? It’s not my fault that I had a different mother from the rest of them.” Pain and lonely seasons were nothing new to this young man, but he was about to enter a new season.

New songs lead to new seasons, God is listening.

After drying his tears, he picked up his instrument and began to worship. It was music like no one had heard before; it was different because it touched both the heart of God and man. As David played, the familiar presence of God began to wash over his being. Words he had never heard before began to flow out of his mouth and he lost himself in the love of God… where there was nothing rejecting him. His melodies of worship were interrupted by the searching cries of one of the household servants.

“David!” the servant yelled, “Come quickly! The prophet is asking for you! He has told your father he will not leave until he meets you.”

“Why does he want me?” David asked breathlessly.

As he ran toward home, the servant who was now watching his sheep yelled one last thing: “None of your brothers have been chosen.”

Its a story like no other, as a shepherd boy takes his first steps toward a throne… from a deserted place to a king’s palace. He would be nurtured along by an anointing; this touch of power from God, would birth courage, favor and honor.

Because God is listening!

So the next time you are considering the path which leads back into the deserted place, remind yourself that its the sound of praise that brings the chosen child to the prophetic call…

Where God is listening.

New Every Morning

“This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.”  (Lamentations 3:21-23)

It may be difficult, but we must try to comprehend mercy. Why? Because God’s mercy is the platform for seeing our potential. The dictionary defines mercy as- ”a disposition to be kind and forgiving; to show undeserved compassion and kindness”. This is the approach God takes towards us… He is good, kind and forgiving! He does not give us what we deserve.

Everyday - a New Day:

One of the most wonderful gifts of mercy is a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning… everyday. To know that all of the sins and mistakes of yesterday are behind you and today is untouched by anything, but your imagination.

Every morning God offers us the opportunity to awaken our hearts to His faithfulness, rather than our frailties. None of us can go back to yesterday and change actions or words spoken. We can’t undo or retract things that have been done. Yet, we have the opportunity to start today with a renewed heart and with new decisions. That is the powerful reality of mercy! When we confess our sins and weaknesses God is faithful to forgive us (1 Jn. 1:9), wiping clean the offenses against us.

A Fresh Supply:

Determination falls short and desire alone is not enough, but we have been given a fresh supply of God’s renewable recources. In ourselves, changes are often impossible, but as God’s mercies fill our imagination so does His freedom fill our first steps. Each day God will give us a fresh supply… mercy can be applied to whatever need we may encounter. His guidance and correction will help us learn from yesterday’s mistakes and his strength will give us the ability to change and be different (1 Cor. 2:16). How wonderful to know that when I wake up I will not have exhausted the Lord’s mercies on yesterday’s battles, struggles or needs. He will have a new supply waiting for me today. 

“Great is Thy Faithfulness - Great is Thy Faithfulness. Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy hand has provided. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

That Old Frog

...with a new eye

That Old Flowered Frog

With a shoestring and a square knot I could hold the two sides of the box together, but it would never make it through the rain. Its not that I really need this silly old frog; but… well he is a symbol of friendship to me. As an orphan kid, moving from home to home, he really was the only consistant friend in my life. My great grandmother made him for me; at least that’s how the story goes and although he is flowered and the size of a huge pillow… he has been around for I guess almost 45 years. Its hard to imagine those early days, when being alone felt so overwhelming that I would run away just to see if someone would come looking for me; but so often nobody came.

 I remember having the opportunity to be adopted and feeling like maybe my new family would like that flowered frog as much as I did. I had loved the eyeball right off of that old frog. Perhaps we could put a new eye where now there was a blue piece of fabric. I used to believe it was cool to have a flowered frog that was a part-time pirate.

 So, today I will once again set aside this old frog; remembering well the moments of comfort he gave.

 What I have discovered is that when Jesus comes into a life; that life forever will be different. It experiences freedom from the “make believe”, symbols of friendship. Jesus is more than a Savior to me. He is a Friend… the real kind, the kind that loves back. He has become the Friend that sticks closer than a brother (Prov 18:24).  

…even closer than that old flowered frog; which if I’m honest, are some pretty tough flippers to fill.