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His Word to You

Gabriel appeared to her and said, “Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you!” (Lk 1:28)

Here we have the amazing story of how Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel who told her she would become the mother of the Messiah. Naturally Mary was shocked and asked how such a thing could be, since she was a virgin. The angel did not go into a longwinded explanation, but simply told her “the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you” (Lk 1:35). That was good enough for Mary and she responded with a powerful declaration of faith: “Let it be to me according to Your Word”.

Discovering Favor:

That simple reply is at the heart of the mystery of answered prayer. Mary came to believe that as a virgin she would become pregnant and give birth to Israel’s long awaited Messiah. There were probably a lot of young Jewish women that might have hoped for that privilege, but Mary didn’t just hope it – she lived it. She knew a secret, because God had revealed His Word to her. Yet, she would come to live it out, only as she discovered her favored estate with God. For Mary to have felt favored by God would seem normal and expected in Jewish households, but a divine revelation from the angel Gabriel would have certainly emphasized its reality.

Favor Establishes Faith:

Now there would be nothing absurd about Mary’s belief in God, because she was finding His favor in His Word to her. It was rooted firmly in the Word of God’s supernatural encounter. God’s Word to her made faith… reality and had made the ridiculous… reasonable. As the angel told her, “With God nothing will be impossible!” I can almost hear a shout of “Amen!” as she embraced the words. “I am Your maidservant! Let it be to me according to Your Word.”

Receive His Favor:

Most of us are not likely to experience a visitation from Gabriel, but we have encounters with the Holy Spirit waiting for our embrace right now. The Bible is filled with words for us from God and there are angels that accompany our activities everyday. As Kingdom Agents, we are designed to walk in the favor of God and establish an atmosphere around our lives that allow His voice to become recognizable.

Like a fragrance, Mary found that favor longs to be discovered. You can be told that it is there, but it must be received and experienced, to be sought out and appreciated. God’s Word to you is like Mary’s secret, dependant upon your willingness to recognize His favor.

Update Lumuli

1st Year Student Promotion

Apostolic Training Center Progress Reports – Lumuli, Uganda:

From our Ugandan National Director:
Pastor Francis Wanyama

Hello Apostle Ron, 
Receive greetings from my family and myself. Thank you very much for the work of the ministry. In Uganda, we are fine and the ministry is moving on well. We are praying and ready to receive you in March, 2013. This will be a wonderful time again. From the time you left, I have been able to visit different churches where our students come from and I have seen what the Lord is doing throughout the region. It is wonderful to see the impact and we shall never be the same again. Pastors and Government leaders have voiced appreciation for God’s influence in the region and also for the vision that RevivalHut Ministry has released for the people of this country. Please, greet the team you brought with you during your recent visit in December and let them know they are always welcome in Uganda. The reports have been very good from all points of ministry.

We have plans to begin the Apostolic Training classes again for March 13-16, 2013. We request you to come and open this training officially by teaching and blessing the students as well as praying over new instructors for 1st Year Classes. We shall continue holding sessions at Lumuli, while you are still gathering the funds to purchase land at Namayango. We shall do rotating schedule of three days in two different weeks of classes per month as we have discussed. It is a very exciting time for us and we look forward to beginning again. After the opening of the classes, we shall also have several conferences in the region.

As we spoke on the phone, I will go into Kenya on February 9th to visit our work in Bungoma. And then to Tanzania to see Pastor Benard Ogallo on February 14th, to provide oversight to his newly started Apostolic Training Center. Hopefully we will travel there in June together as he is expecting your visit with great anticipation. They have now transitioned their Churches into the RevivalHut Ministries Network for our relationships to grow. This is a great honor and may God be praised all the more in the work He has begun in East Africa.

Bless you and greet Mum Lynda; 
Pastor Jimmy Wandera sends his greetings also! 

Here is the full schedule for March 13-27, 2013:
13-16… 4 Days Teaching - Apostolic Training Center
17… Sunday Worship Namamera Church
19-20… Namayango Church Conference
21-22… Busia North Church Conference
23-24… Bugiri Church Leadership Conference
26… At the Orphanage Kampala

We look forward to seeing you again…

Focus on Grace


Lukas Maina of Eldoret, Kenya

Lukas Maina is a friend who serves God in the slum region of Eldoret Kenya. He carries a heart for the Kingdom and has a word for the Church about Grace. The email below speaks of  how a tough ministry can become grace filled and strong in the midst of battle. The issues that arise within the Kenyan culture are wrestled down with more than just words. Lucas has received a powerful vision for the lost and this slum region in which he finds his calling, is shaking. I understand the warfare and obstacles he faces, because I have been there. God has ignited a fire in his life and released a prophetic destiny that has shone me a focus on grace. The amazing thing about grace is that it stirs up the religious and challenges the complacent. 

His Email: Greetings Apostle Ron

“Many souls were baptized today… over 100 people repented and gave their lives to Jesus!”

Ministry in the Fellowship

Gospel Deliverance Church

It was a big day today, full of many spiritual battles and victories! With some few people and some preachers who are saying we are taking the whole slum and baptizing all! But Praise the Lord…we only reach out in simple apostolic way. I praise the Lord today that many were baptized, in spite of bad rumors from an evil group. They are saying we are using charm to attract many to our church and baptize them. I do not fully understand; but we are marching forward, unlike many churches that are around us in the slum.“We reach people for Jesus on daily basis and we baptize all as the Lord brings them.”

To us at Gospel Deliverance Church, our mission is simply reaching all with this Good News, all the time.

We want to bring people to Jesus not to man. We are just simple men and we are making it; not by power or might, but by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. We don’t need a van for the mission. We don’t need millions of dollars. We need only the basic Truth, a willing heart, strong legs to walk in the streets and a mouth to speak out the Good News!! God will anoint His Word if we will be faithful to focus on grace!

My Final Thought!

Focus Upon the Grace of God! (Eph. 2:8-10)

Grace is power - God’s power – to become the witness God created us to be (Acts 4:33)(2 Cor. 12:9). To receive grace means to be empowered to be yourself… from God’s point of view. Grace gives us the option to choose to see from a Kingdom perspective. Let’s face it, we have been equipped and empowered to become more than we have achieved… yet grace gives us eyes to see the potential. The real hindrance is not the obsticle that stands in our way, it’s the inability to see that our steps are ordered by the Lord… grace reveals His partnership!

Update Tanzania

Hello Pastor Ron

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior – Jesus.

My brother, I want to let you know that the work is Good in Tanzania from the time I was started to have affiliation with RevivalHut Ministry. Even now, through your teaching which we receive from your website, God is blessing and adding daily to the churches. May God bless you to help the work of Tanzania all the more in the days to come through more of your teachings. We have about 35 people who are ready to be part of a baptism service. I know when you come you are going to find us ready and hungry for God’s Words of life.

ACTIVITIES we have:-
- Many Bible Studies with groups of 50 people
- 12 Churches in the different places. God has planted 2 more churches since the summer has begun. 

We are praying for your coming… I know when you come we are going to put everything in order. I’m also speaking with our brother, Pastor Francis Wanyama in Uganda, because we shall soon begin an Apostolic Training Center to raise up new leaders in our region. May God bless you in all of your plans.

Yours Faithfully,
Pastor Bernard Ogallo

Update: Uganda

Pastor Francis Directs our Training Center

Pastor Francis Directs our Training Center

 The LORD your God is in your midst, a Mighty One who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exult over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)


Hello Apostle Ron;

Greetings to you, your family and to your fellowship in Jesus name. In Uganda we are fine and we are seeing the hand of God working in our life through your teachings. We believe in a big God to do the great work in this country and even outside our borders. I want to tell you that Uganda has a great hunger for this new revelation. I am leaning much on your website as I open it twice in a week.
This month of June, we shall have the Training from 14-16th. When you send the money we shall be most blessed to honor God in the work of feeding and providing help to the leaders of our region.

Pastor Jimmy Wandera

Pastor Jimmy Wandera is doing a good job and we are in unity with growing numbers of pastors all over Uganda. The word is getting out that there is over 100 students receiving training and several pastors of Western Uganda have contacted for Training Centers in their communities. On 24th, June we shall have pastors and coordinators prayer meeting and sharing ideas how we shall extend this message of the Glory of God to other areas of this country.
I will not be able to go to the country of Rwanda as I had said, because we heard on the radio that the border is not good to pass, so I will plan again. But we shall leave to Western Uganda with Pastor Stephine Ojiambo on 25th July-1st Aug 2012. We shall go and teach the pastors on the Glory, and to put right the confusion on giving. We want pastors to know the truth all over Uganda, that giving does not mean buying the blessings of God, as they teach in many christian churches. We need your prayers and support.

Pastor Francis Wanyama

Pastor Francis Wanyama

I went to the ministry of internal affairs in Kampala on Monday 28th May 2012, on the issue of registration of the ministry (RevivalHut Uganda). They told me the process. The process includes the lawyer to approve the constitution. According to how they told me, the process can take two month to get the certificate for the organization and to be free with the government. The amount which is needed for the whole process is 480 U.S. dollars. If we can work on it before September 2012, it will be good to us, as we plan to teach and preach the truth all over the country.

Thank you
God bless so much
Pastor Francis Wanyama
RevivalHut Uganda