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Kingdom Assignments

God has called us to overcome… to break away from the crowd and move forward in the assigned tasks we were made to accomplish here on the Earth. We must no longer tolerate the false message of powerless words and passive hearts. The Apostle Paul makes the statement that “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:20).

God has enlisted us in His great army and has a work for us, if we are willing to embrace the assignment.

 Jesus our King, has given us authority over all the power of the enemy (Lk 10:19). We are not just equipped for guard duty; all that defensive posturing is for the feeble of heart. In this day, God is handing out assignments that will accomplish His will in the Earth. With the power of the Holy Spirit and a two-edged Sword in our hand, we must make our assault upon the strongholds and fortresses that stand in the way of God’s purposes being fulfilled while we were at our posts.

King David recalled his ability; in God’s anointing, to “bend a bow of bronze” while he was “pursuing his enemies”. He “did not turn back until they were consumed” (Ps 18:37). Keep in mind that this David was first a man of worship and that he did not pursue his enemy without first pursuing God! Yet when God gave him the assignment, he thoroughly defeated his foe.

Here is the Truth: Either we pursue our enemies or our enemies will pursue us!

We must gain Christ’s attitude toward evil; while never confusing the convictions with the goal that accompanied His assignment. The Bible says, “Hate evil, you who love the Lord” (Ps 97:10). Notice its the evil we are to hate… not the individuals who are engaged in the evil.  Jesus came to Earth “to destroy the works of the devil” (1 Jn 3:8) and to free humanity from the evil oppressive weight of sin (Lk 4:18-19). How should we; who are His called followers, not also live with the same convictions and goals as our Commander and Chief.

 The destruction of evil, breaks the chains that hold people in bondage and slavery.

 Our assignment will always correspond to this ultimate goal. Embracing the call of God will bring us to our feet in faith and to our knees in prayer. Realize Saint, that both postures are forward momentum.

Just Laugh

Have you ever noticed how relaxing an atmosphere of joy can be?

 I was in an airport terminal the other day when a couple missed their flight to Atlanta. You would have thought the end was near by how this couple was yelling at the innocent man behind the counter. Nothing could be done yet the couple raised quite a stink. The circumstance had stolen their hope of getting home on time and they would need to stay in a hotel in Chicago over night, catch a flight in the morning and somehow “recover” from this ordeal.

To me it looked like a simple issue of re-adjustment. This couple was severely moved out of their comfort zone, when their expectations were unable to be met. Although I don’t want to minimize their feelings;

 it spoke to me in a purely observational way that life is just too short for this kind of reaction.

 Yet God was about to test my expectations as well. Its why He is sometimes called “Jehovah Sneaky” by those of us who have often experienced His surprises. As I arrived in St Louis, Missouri from a wonderful spiritual conference on the Holy Spirit’s role in life; I pulled my bag off the baggage claim conveyor belt only to have all of my clothing come tumbling out onto the feet of the other passengers reaching for their luggage. ”Oh my” – I thought as I tried to gather my dirty socks and …well you could imagine all the other items available for all to observe. That’s when God spoke as clearly as a bell…

 “Just Laugh!”.

 It was a stretch at first; but with the emerging of a smile, came a giggle and a shift in the atmosphere that invited an innocent bystander to say…

“don’t you love it when that happens?”.

 Stepping into my discomfort several folks helped me gather my clothing that was sprawled across a conveyor belt that was returned my dirty things to the guy who unloaded the bags… outside

 As we laughed about this moment and recovered my personal dignity, I realized the real message to my heart was how incredible the atmosphere of joy can be. That laugh was able to relax a situation and attract others to share my discomfort. A laugh changed the atmosphere… it became an invitation that engaged others into one of God’s most important Kingdom Assignments. Notice: (2 Cor 1:7 & Gal 6:2) It is the way of the Kingdom; the law of Christ, to share moments of suffering and bear the burdens of others. Why? Because it lightens the load for all!

 Those folks carried my burden, my discomfort.

 As I walked to the exit I felt no shame, no disgrace, nothing to be forgiven… in fact I could almost hear a giggle in Heaven.


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