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Receive the Holy Spirit

Can anyone receive the Holy Spirit?

If a person has repented of their sin and received Jesus Christ as Lord of their life, then they have what the Bible calls the seal or guarantee of the Holy Spirit’s presence in their hearts. This is most evident by the experience of inner promptings and the development of personal convictions. Growing in our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s voice is vital to our spiritual relationship with God. We must learn how to yield our affections to Him.

It is important to understand that the Holy Spirit is God… not an “It” or a “thing”. He, the Holy Spirit is the comforter that Jesus spoke of, who would lead us in all righteousness. In regards to our daily experience with God, we are able to continually fellowship with the Holy Spirit and enjoy the love offered by our Heavenly Father (Rom 5:5). God is a good Father and He works by the Holy Spirit to minister grace for all of our needs to be met (Mt 7:11). This is a wonderful promise of God, that equips us with a confidence in knowing that our sins are forgiven and we have become an “adopted” child of God.

Holy Spirit releases needed fruit into our lives like patience, peace and joy, so that even in the midst of very difficult circumstances we are able to find God’s help and wise counsel to make good decisions. The Bible even tells us that through the Holy Spirit’s counsel in our lives, we are able to have the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16). God wants us to enjoy the full benefits of a victorious, Christ-centered life and that is why He has told us to ask for the Holy Spirit (Lk 11:13), to yield to the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14-16) and to never grieve or quench the Holy Spirit’s voice (Eph 4:30 & 1 Thess 5:19).

John the baptist made the declaration about Jesus before He had begun His ministry that He would “baptize” or immerse us in the Holy Spirit (Mt 3:11), so that we would have power to become His witnesses on the Earth (Acts 1:4-8). The entire book of Acts is filled with stories of people having supernatural experiences with the Holy Spirit. Jesus did what John prophesied and poured out a gift that would turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

Paul said “be filled… with the Holy Spirit” (Eph 5:18) and meant that we should continually be refueling our fullness in the Holy Spirit, like filling our gas tanks for the journey before us.

I often tell others that the Holy Spirit is inside of me for “me” (so I am continually growing), but He is upon me for “you” (so that I am enabled to release the power of God on your behalf). We truly are equipped with power from on high when the Holy Spirit comes upon our lives to anoint us to do the very works that Jesus did in His ministry (Jn 14:12-16).

The goal of Jesus was to destroy the works of the Devil (Lk 4:18-19)(1 Jn 3:8) and this becomes our mandate as well as He has asked us to follow Him and teach others to do the things He was doing (Mt 28:18-20).

The Holy Spirit is our source of life in God, both for our personal relationship and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the world. Receive Him… YES – and offer everyone the same opportunity! We owe the world an experience in the power and love that comes with living the Holy Spirit filled life.

Breathe With Me

I have never met a man who was able to live very long without breathing.

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Its one of those necessities of life… that is also taken for granted more than most experiences. We appreciate our ability to blow out birthday candles and celebrate with friends, like Anita… who still wants us to believe she is 21 years old. We love you anyway.

Jesus helps us see breathing in a different light. He breathed upon the disciples after He rose from the dead and told them to receive the Holy Spirit (Jn 20:22). Another word in Greek for spirit is the word pneuma or in English we use the word breath or wind.

 So Jesus was equating our ability to breathe to an experience in God.

 My desire is to understand the things of God so well that it would come as natural as breathing is to me. To breathe in His life and breathe out blessing to others, may very well be the thought Jesus was wanting His disciples to pick up on. The idea that living a spiritually empowered life could be as easy as breathing, is a hard thing for religious folks to wrap their minds around.

 But can I just invite you to breathe with me and see what happens… c’mon just breathe in His love and exhale all the pressures of the world. Now breathe in His joy and exhale all of the weight of sin and guilt. One more time, breathe in His peace and exhale all your fear and discouragement. Now this is a powerful excersize that will produce fruit in your life… and all you did is breathe with me.