Testimony from Lucas Maina

One of my friends from Eldoret, Kenya has the following testimony of praise that I wanted to pass on to my readers!

Lucas Maina

Impartation in Eldoret, Kenya

Praise the Lord!! Praise the Name of the Lord!! The Lord is good!! All things are possible with Him!! He is faithful to the promises He has made, and what? This Covenant is everlasting!! And this grace and mercy are new every morning.

I thank the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth – He is Alpha and Omega – who was, who is and who is coming again! When I look back I see the birthing of a vision… that we are building a sanctuary for worship! We are building a 1000 sitter church building and the work has started. Today we spent time walking in the forest together with the church elders and we got permission to deliver over 200 long posts for building. Hallelujah – These were over 35 ft posts, straight as an arrow, long and strong, like the Cedars of Lebanon, like King Solomon used to build the Temple for this Lord! Tomorrow we shall get permit from the government to deliver that to Eldoret town center and we shall hire a long lorry (trailer) to carry that!

Baptisms in Eldoret

Leading with compassion

We are sure - very soon we shall share with the world what the Lord is doing!! The Lord is good and we declare what He has done and what He is undertaking for us! Thank you friends for your prayers, we say thanks for them who pray for us. Praise the Lord.

Blessings, Pastor Lucas Maina

 My heart rejoices as I hear this testimony… God is doing great things in these leaders. It has been a joy to serve with them and speak into their hearts from time to time. God is Great!

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