The Declaration of God

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

If you are a Christian, God speaks these amazing words over you: “You are My beloved Child, in whom I am well pleased!” He doesn’t speak these words over you, because you’ve earned them. You could never do enough to earn these words of love. God speaks these words over you, because of who Jesus is - for you.

A Father’s Love:

When God the Father spoke these powerful words over His Son (Mt 3:17), it was a day of affirmation that set the tone for His public ministry as the Messiah. It was more than significant, it was supernatural. I would like to propose that what was true of the Messiah, is true today of His people. God loves… immensely. 

A Faithful Son:

Jesus was the faithful Son who always did the will of His Father. Never once did He disobey or disappoint Him. All of Jesus’ activity, from the birth in the manger to His death on the cross were a fulfillment of the Father’s love in purpose, pattern and passion. As our Savior, Jesus obeyed the Father for us… so that the same words that were spoken over Him on that wonderful day, could be spoken over us in our daily routine, everyday. Living as a Christian involves learning that everyday, God our loving Father thinks of each one of us as His beloved Child in whom He is well pleased.

Enabling & Empowering:

Recognizing the spiritual impact of the Father’s declaration, enables and empowers the heart to dream and reach for the impossible. Those things that once caused us to stumble, begin to position themselves as stepping stones. We must learn to live in the reality of God’s loving pleasure and find a sense of freedom where troubles no longer control. Its the Father’s affirmation that encourages us to deal with the difficulties of life with confidence and humility. Mountains bow down and storms no longer threaten our progress. Clearly, one of the most wonderful priorities of the Holy Spirit is to place within the heart of every Child of God a responsive cry… “Abba, Father”! (Rom 8:15)

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