The Extraordinary Life

One of the most extraordinary figures in Bible history was King David. As a young man he showed great courage when he killed a lion and a bear as the protector of his sheep. He became the champion of Israel when he brought down Goliath with one stone from a slingshot and went on to slay thousands of Israel’s enemies… especially the Philistines. While fleeing from King Saul, David became the leader of a small band of mighty men who performed beyond the call of duty and served him even with their last drop of blood. Because he was a worshiper, King David held on to the role of a general in sync with the rhythm of God’s heart for Isreal’s success. Like David, there are Kingdom warriors today with the passion to live the extraordinary life.

 The will to dance and worship as lovers of God, the courage to make declarations with prophetic acts of intercession and the heart to surrender to the One who holds their significance… these are the individuals that bear the marks of an extraordinary life.

 With the heart of David there is the sound of new songs and the dance of a new day. Those who choose the extraordinary life would need to inquire at the gates of Heaven for it is received from the King of Glory. The extraordinary life is a gift, rare and precious… it is the reward of the child who rules their own heart well. Perhaps the greatest words ever spoken of King David were that he was “a man after God’s own heart”.

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