The Journey Breaks in to…………Dance!

    The past few days on Mt. Elgon have been fabulous.  God has ministered to hearts of both old and new believers.  Because of the ministry that happened in May the churches on the top of this mountain have exploded from 3 churches to 7 churches.  Each day as Ron ministered the crowds grew larger and larger and the city, or in this case, the mountain was filled with great JOY!

Dancing on Mt. Elgon

    Ron was able to minister in one of the new churches in Webuye on Monday.  By the time he started in the morning the place was jam-packed.  There were several Pastors who had heard testimony of the ministry in May or the recent trips to Uganda, and made sure that they were there for the meetings.

  Pastor Chris Delos was the host pastor of this new church (one of the “babies” developed since May).  Pastor Chris is a young man who lost his wife about 2 months ago to typhoid fever and has been pastoring this church and raising his 3 small children. 

Dancing around the building

As Ron began to minister the Holy Spirit showed up and began to touch and heal Pastor Chris’s wounded heart.  he was just one of the few who were healed and delivered. 

As more and more people received healing and deliverance, the place broke out in more and more joy to the point of……….Dancing! and celebrating what God was doing.   The people began to dance in the building, and then around the building,  worshipping and singing for over an hour!


 Soon Kenya will reach a tipping point and break out into full REVIVAL!

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