The Journey brings Deliverance

    The first day of sessions in Uganda, Pastor Francis informed Ron that there were people and Pastors as far away as 200 Kilometers (125 miles).  Ron asked where they were all staying and Pastor Francis  informed Ron that people in his church left their homes and stayed with family to provide housing for these Pastors and that these Pastors were bunking on the floors.  Pastor Francis then explained that since there were so many Pastors, they had run out of room.  Ron asked where these Pastors were staying and Pastor Francis informed Ron that they were sleeping at night in the ditches so they could stay in the area and attend the conference.

     Pastor Wafula (Ron) then  did an entire message on the Rain of Heaven. Telling the people that

Lake Victoria, Uganda

As we worship the atmosphere becomes so heavy with the weighty presence of God,  that the Rain of Heaven begins to fall down on us. 

    After speaking on this the Ugandans worshipped for hours after the message, and when Ron left they were still worshipping.

   On one of the last days at “Pastor Francis’s” field Ron ended the session with prayer for healing.   There were more than 50 people crowding the front for healing.  Ron stopped and prayed for each one and finally came to a woman who was very ill.  As Ron began to pray demons began to manifest from her and it was very loud and disruptive, so Ron asked Pastor Francis to have some men help him take her to a seperate place.  The men carried this demon possessed woman to a seperate house while Ron continued praying for the sick.  When Ron finished praying for those at the altar he went to the house where the woman was.  Ron could hear the demons manifesting from outside of the house and went inside to pray for deliverance for this woman.  Ron immediately commanded the demons to stop, and be quiet in the name of Jesus, and they were.  He then told the demons to leave, and they did.  The woman slumped into Ron’s arms.  He held her and prayed over her, describing how much her Heavenly Father loved her, how precious she was to Daddy God, and she was SAVED!

   That evening the tesimonies of God’s healing power were spoken over and over.  Following the testimonies the people gathered couldn’t help but worship, and as they worshipped, the rain of heaven fell again.

But the land into which you are about to cross to possess it, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven……….  Deuteronomy 11:11

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