The Journey Continues with Praise!!

   Like most events in Africa thing don’t always work out according to our schedule.   Due to a few vehicle issues, the crew left Eldoret, Kenya rather late, so when they arrived in Webuye at 8 p.m., Kenya time,  Ron recommended they stop overnight and leave at a good time the next morning. 

   After a good night sleep the crew began the trek across the rest of Kenya into Uganda.  Upon arriving in Uganda there was quite a bit of paperwork to enter the country.  So, after filling out the proper forms for a new visa, getting the correct paperwork on their vehicle, they were finally entering Uganda.

   There were still a few hours before arriving at their destination, so Ron asked if they would just sing and worship.  Rose would begin the singing with all of the Kenyan Pastors joining in, some Swahili, some English, but all beautiful. 

 The songs of Praise and Worship would weave in and out of one another with harmonies blending and becoming One voice of Praise.

Pastor Wanyama's church meets under a tree, a real "Open Heaven"

The crew entered Pastor Francis Wanyama’s place of worship.  A field!  Pastor Francis had found a tarp for the floor, and a canvas-awning as a covering and the Pastor/Leader conference in Uganda Began!!  

    The conference began a little late, but that gave all of the Pastor/Leader and others a chance to show up, and show up they did.  There was an estimated 160-200 Pastors, and 150-200 people joining them.  The message on the Glory devoured by all who attended.

A Deep Hunger begins the process of being Filled

   The second session Ron began to share how to be healed of an orphan heart .  As Ron spoke of our Heavenly Father’s love and how that love heals an orphan heart.   People began to weep throughout the crowd.  Ron gave an altar call for those who needed healing of an orphan heart and the entire crowd ran forward.  Ron laid hands on each of them and prayed for over 2 1/2 hours.  The last hour a storm blew in.  There were strong winds, hail, lightning, and rain.  The rain began to pour and blow in around the canvas rooftop covering to the point that all were soaked, but no one was leaving.  No one wanted to leave before God was finished. 

 There were people on their knees on the rain soaked tarp praying and weeping. 

  Their hunger for a touch from God was a real thing.  So real they were willing to kneel in the rain, so real they were willing to have lightning strike near them, and hail fall around them. 

 So real they were not willing to leave until the very deep places in their heart were filled.

 I shared this with a friend who began to weep and say, “we are so fat!”

  God I want to be that hungry for You!

Blessed (empowered to prosper) are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, THEY SHALL BE FILLED!”

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  • we are praying for you,and we praise the lord for great ministry you did in eldoret town,today i and brother Vincent chalinga…a man who prophesied to..that the lord gonna bless him, we embarked on good works,that is door to door evangelism,we are reaching out now,to win people to Jesus!!we are applying you message…reach out souls for Jesus!!build the kingdom and the lord will build the church…thanks apostle Ron for your apostolic teachings!!we are blessed.

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