The Journey Expands through Love


"Can I shake your hand?"

Top of Mt Elgon, Kenya

 After ministering to Pastors/Leaders and all the others gathered in Kampala, Uganda, Pastor Francis walked with Ron about 100 yards away to a school yard.  The children were very curious to see this strange white man, and as they watched Ron use an air pump to inflate a soccer ball, he had their complete attention.  He held the ball up in the air, rolled it in front of the children and there was no interpreter needed as Ron and the children all ran towards the ball to see who could get to it first.  Soccer ball number 3 was delivered!   Two more soccer balls were delivered to the orphanages in Bugiri and the children were delighted to challenge Ron to some “football” time. 

   In Lumuli, Uganda, the governor of the region opened the conference with a few words.   A few days later Ron was in Bugiri, Uganda.  During one of the meetings Ron felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong  he  asked the musicians to begin worshipping again.  The group worshipped for over 2 hours and the Glory fell on the whole crowd.  While in Bugiri there were 2-3 Regional Pastors in attendance.  These Pastors are each over a large area of  Uganda and they told Ron that the messages they were hearing, were revolutionary.  After chatting for a bit they informed Ron that the “next time he comes” they will get the word out and there will be 4-5 times more Pastors attending.  While in Bugiri, Uganda the local radio station heard about the meetings and came and interviewed Ron asking him about his testimony and the messages preached. 

Love changes everything!

    WhenRon arrived in Busea, Kenya he was met by Pastor Daniel.  Pastor Daniel shared with Ron that he had never witnessed a deliverance from demons the way Ron had ministered deliverance to the young woman a few days prior.  (See  The Journey Brings Deliverance

 Pastor Daniel told Ron that when they ministered to someone with demons they pray,  speak over that person and even sometimes yell for the spirit to be gone, but never had he witnessed someone delivered by love.  Pastor Daniel said he watched Ron just hold the woman and pray for her and she was delivered!  He told Ron this was a whole new way of doing things!  Deliverance by Love!     

    Pastor Wycliffe shared with Ron that there have been 3 new churches planted from the conferences and crusades Ron did in May.  2 new churches in the Mt Elgon region, and 1 in the Malaha Market near Webuye (where Ron did crusades at night).  Ron will have the privilege of seeing these new “babies” in the coming days and deliver the last soccer ball to the orphanage in Webuye.

2 Responses to “The Journey Expands through Love”

  • Alma Witzenburg:

    LOOK what the LORD HAS DONE!!!! Praising God for His Goodness!!!

  • HI Pastor i am based in kisii Kenya and for the last one week am touched to see how you and you ministry is doing wonders for our lord,so throughout these week am fasting for your ministry that GOD helps you when you labor for The souls that ha vent received Christ ,he opens a gate for many to receive him truly in word and spirit.

    Again pray for m i have a call, in my heart to serve the lord ,but due to normal hardships am unable to join theological school due to fees ,how i pray that the lord with your ministry touch believers to support me accomplish the long journey ,by helping others receive him as our as when he begets us in the new heaven Jerusalem we share these great eternal treasure all together.

    may God who reward secretly reward you openly.

    thanks in advance
    Julius machoka osoro
    Lay preacher kisii Kenya
    +254 724 650 350

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