The Path for New Things

It takes a wilderness to expose the path for new things.

This journey has been an interesting process. With each step, each new thing exposed a path… an invitation to what God was about to do. It has required some faith, but it has also required some knowledge of why paths are so important. They offer the heart an amazing place to experience God’s Glory.

Step by Step:

It was about a year ago that Ron made his first trip to Kenya and then 4 months later his second trip. The journey began with a season in the wilderness followed by prayer and fasting. It was not until our hearts were fully engaged that supernatural breakthrough and provision began to come from God. Each step has revealed God’s heart and our spiritual awakening.

A Significant Path:

We have an amazing place in the woods behind our house where the deer have made a path. A couple years ago during a time of prayer and fasting I began to walk this path and it has become a significant place of spiritual reflection for us. Soon after our discovery, Ron began walking this path daily in preparation for each trip to Africa. We have improved its character by mowing it occasionally and running the weed eater over the rough parts, but its value is revealed only when we use it. The more we walk… the more sensitive our hearts become.

Isaiah speaks of the path that John the Baptist would prepare for Jesus…

Behold the voice of one crying in the wilderness:   Prepare the way of the Lord;  make straight in the desert a highway for our God.  Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill brought low, the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough smooth.  The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. (Isa 40:3-5)

Do you hear the process of preparing a path for Jesus to be revealed? He came to earth as the full revelation of the Glory of God! This same process still occurs today when there is a new thing being prepared for God’s people. Mountains and hills need to be brought low, the valleys lifted up, the crooked places made straight and the rough smooth. There are some journeys that God seems to be preparing just for us, while other journeys we are the preparers of the path. Notice that the preparation process is always for the “Glory of the Lord” to be revealed.

The Training Manual for the Schools

Knowledge is Key: (Hab 2:14)

Scripture tells us that in the latter days a knowledge of the Glory of God will increase. We feel this stirring in our hearts as Ron begins to open Apostolic Training Centers across the nations. As knowledge of God’s Glory increases, so also will a hunger for that Glory increase. The manual for the Training Centers has exposed a wonderful path for our whole family. Ron had written it several years ago as a teaching guide for discipleship and as he began to evaluate resources for training the Ugandan leaders, he kept coming back to it. With some minor re-writing he had the manual ready to be copied three weeks before leaving. We checked several different places and purchased our own binding machine. So, it became a family path, prepared just for us. One child typing, another colating, and another binding, until we had all 100 copies ready to go 2 days before Ron got on the plane. As Ron stepped onto the plane I couldn’t help but believe we were part of something bigger than the manuals… we were preparing a path for the revealing of God’s Glory. 

With each New Thing, God will expose a path. He may use you for what He is about to do… revealing the Glory of God!

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