The Sound of Sacrifice


   There are 2 names that stand out a bit on this trip as men who are willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom of God.

   The first is Pastor Chriss Barassa in Eldoret, Kenya.  Ron e-mailed back and forth a bit with Pastor Chriss before arriving in Eldoret.  Then they met face to face at Pastor Hesborne’s church (see The Journey Begins with the Testimony).  Pastor Chriss shared with Ron that he was offered the use of a vehicle to drive Ron back and forth from his lodgings to the meetings. The owner of the vehicle agreed that Pastor Chriss would drive Ron where he needed to go only asking Ron to pay for gas .  This was a huge blessing!  In Kenya you usually hire both a driver and a car (rather than renting a vehicle) and the cost can be up to $100 a day.  Ron quickly accepted Pastor Chriss’s offer. 

   After the meetings in Eldoret and to begin the journey to Uganda  Ron realized that the vehicle he was planning to use would not fit all of the Pastors going, and might not make it to Uganda.  So Ron asked Pastor Chriss to drive him and the other Pastors to Uganda in the vehicle they had been using in Eldoret.   Pastor Chriss stepped up to the plate,  left his family and church for 8 days, to be Ron’s right hand man.

On the road to Broderick Falls near Webuye

    The second is Pastor Martin Shikuku.  Pastor Martin was the owner of the vehicle that Ron and Pastor Chriss borrowed.  After realizing the vehicle they were planning on using was not going to work, they contacted Pastor Martin to see if they could use his vehicle to travel the 5 hours to Uganda.  Pastor Martin quickly agreed and sent Pastor Chriss and Ron to Uganda for the next week using his vehicle to expand the Kingdom.  What none of us realized is that Pastor Martin had his own speaking engagements that he had committed to, and he made other travel arrangements just to bless Ron.

   In his own words…….

Greetings my brother and fellow servant of God,Pastor Ron,
     You have been in my personal,family and church prayers ever since we left each other and walking in God’s glory. I know that you are in Bugiri today for your Ugandan Conferences and we thank God all together that Christ the hope of glory has been proclaimed. I went to Mombasa and came back safely,preached in my church on Sunday morning and i thank God as well.It has not been easy for me here on the other hand since i was not prepared but the Lord has been helping me to walk where i can,use public means where it has to and hiring a taxi where needed like to the church with my family on Sunday and yesterday to Cheptiret area(45 minutes drive from Eldoret town towards Nairobi road) for a planning meeting but all has been well through His grace.
     Otherwise,may the Almighty God bless you and help you as you plan to travel back tomorrow.Be assured of my prayers and the revival Hut Ministries always from now hence forth.

 God bless you. In Christ’s love and service,
Pastor Martin and Anne Shikuku

    I reminds me of what King David said to Araunah…… 

 I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing  2 Samuel 24:24

    Sharing his vehicle did cost Pastor Martin something.  It cost him time, he had to make other arrangements for his own travel, and it cost him financially.  The vehicle made the trip to Uganda, but the roads were very hard on it and repairs will need to be made.  After sending Pastor Martin assurance through e-mail that Ron and I would help in any way we could to fix the vehicle Pastor Martin responded

 I know very well that He is the Lord who blessed me with the van to SERVE. It is not that iam worthy at all except Christ in me. It is very true that we had a very hurried,divine and challenging decision to make with my wife Anne when we found Pastor,my brother Ron in his hard situation. I was to leave for a mission the following day and all was set for my wife and my children when I am  not there. We chose to give in to give in to His will. We were from right there to put in place the taxi to assist where needed and at times to walk.So,we were to put them before the Lord all through in prayers that they will go and come back safely. I could not at all even share the story to my congrgation but to join us in prayers in all.
    The van came back truly in bad condition and it is still in the garage now but iam assured that all will be well.

“Sounds” like sacrifice to me!

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