The Sound of Unity

   In each of the regions that Pastor Ron ministered, he would take one session, usually on the last day, and speak of unity between the Pastors.  The challenge was that they would put aside their doctrinal differences and focus on establishing God’s Kingdom in Kenya and Uganda.  Ron was firm but loving in stating that to begin an Apostolic Training Center, the foundation would need to be based on unity. Trust requires that everyone agree to work together towards the same goal… establishing the Kingdom of God in Kenya and Uganda.

  The following is from Sister Betty Grace Kirunda of Uganda:

   We want to hear more and more of his teachings.  He taught the pastors and leaders how to enter into the glory of God and take your possession; that was wonderful and every pastor is ringing to say their prayer life has changed in these few days and they have started to experience love and joy before the Lord.  Some have testified that they have been holding their fellow pastors with bitterness at heart for a long time but now they have entered the time of release and they are getting set free day by day.  In the meeting, on the last day, there were so many people who got delivered and we are still getting more and more testimonies.  I will continue to send them to you as they ring me. God bless you.

Hand in Hand

This is a testimony from the first meetings in Eldoret:

    I see this man with a great burden for equipping the saints and pastors, for the work of ministry. He closed the meetings with tears and crying… requesting the pastors to reach out for the lost!! He spoke about apostolic works and the glory of the lord!! The place was packed with all pastors in the city,…regardless of their denominations and churches, it was time of unity psalm 133 and fellowship, a time to come together, a great time to forgive each other, it was time to commune together under the anointing of the Holy Ghost!! Today we set our many church doctrines aside, and we hold one another’s hand for prayers under the glory of the lord!!!

From Pastor Allan Mugoha….

     We have just ended a powerful revival meeting which was full of God’s Glory, healing and power. Pastors have just left while expecting more. They said “Going you may go- but coming back is a must!” For sure Kenya pastors need such teaching and training to make them effective in ministry work. Pastor Ron finished by praying for the pastors and church leaders.

Praising God for all He has done and waiting to see what He is up to next!

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