‘Tis the Season

Recently Ron was traveling to Africa and because of difficult weather missed his connecting flight in Chicago.  Here is the testimony of that missed flight.

While Ron was waiting in line at the ticket counter for his stand by ticket, a gentleman from Malaysia was in front of him and a business man from India was behind him.  So, the gentleman from Malaysia gets his standby ticket, and then Ron approached the counter and received his.  After Ron received his ticket the gentleman from the Malaysia approached him and began to ask what Ron does for a living.  Ron shared that he is in the process of starting several Bible Colleges.  The man started asking several questions and Ron finally asked if the man knew Jesus.  The man from Malaysia shared that he did not.  Ron began to share the “Good News” to this man of how Jesus died for him and that God really loves him. About this time the business man from India walks over and is apparently a pretty on fire Christian because he begins “amening” and agreeing with Ron.  (They must have been a little noisy because the ticket agent asked them to move away from her desk.)  So, Ron and these 2 men hold hands and they begin praying with this man from Malaysia and leading him to the Lord.  At the end of the prayer Ron begins to share with this man that God not only loves him, but likes him and to look for God’s favor in his life.  Right at that moment the ticket agent calls the name of this man from Malaysia and tell him that he has a ticket!  Ron rejoices with him and reminds him of the fact that this is truly God showing him how he is loved.

After this the man from India begins to ask Ron questions about “the Kingdom of God” and also “getting into His glory”.   So, Ron starts to share with him 2 of his favorite topics…..Increasing the Kingdom” and “Getting in to the Glory”.   Soon around 6-7 other people begin to gather around to hear the messages and ask Ron questions.  So there he was in the airport terminal 4th on standby preaching! About that time the ticket agent called the name of the business man from India and he boarded the plane.  Soon after Ron’s name was called.  Ron gets in his seat and after a few minutes a lady approaches Ron and informs him that he is in her seat.  Ron got the attention of a flight attendant and told her that the seat was double booked and that perhaps he should get off the plane because he was on standby.  The flight attendant asked Ron to wait a few minutes.  A few minutes later another attendant approaches Ron and asked him to follow him.  Ron followed him to the 5th row of the plane!!  That’s right an upgrade!!!  He looks over and sees that the person next to him is……the business man from India!!!  The business man asked Ron to continue with the messages he was listening to in the airport because he was so hungry to hear more.  So, Ron shared with him for many hours and then told him that he was going to read a bit and then go to sleep.  Once Ron was ready to go to sleep the business man asked Ron if he could read his book.  It was “The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind” by Bill Johnson.  Ron slept and the business man read the whole book throughout the flight!

Not only is this a great testimony, it also was a great reminder to me to be “ready in season and out”.

Preach the Word! Be ready in Season and out of Season.                             2 Timothy 4:2

There needs to be so much that God has deposited in us that when God opens the doors we are ready to share what we have “seen and heard”.  Ron did not have time to study and come up with a great message to share with the people at the airport, it was already in him.

I want to be ready no matter what the season!

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