Training By Leaning

“I had heard of You [only] by the hearing of the ear, but now my [spiritual] eye sees You.” (Job 42:5)

The Key for Church Leaders: “Awaken your Spiritual Senses!”

You have been in training for reigning in these days. I know that for many this has been a season of wilderness, where nothing has come easy and vision has felt obstructed. Yet this has also been a time of shaking you free of what hinders in the natural and an awakening of your spiritual senses! It is always God’s will for you to arise as one that is fully persuaded… living with spiritual resolve! You will not be as easily moved or shaken in the future. For the personal shaking that you endure has value… it has made you stronger and you have learned how to depend and trust in Christ.

“You are learning to yield your heart and personal strength to Me!” says the Lord of Host.

Unseen Realities of Every Season:

It’s the small “foxes” that come quietly into God’s House, that must set off your “personal discernment alarm”. In these days many well-meaning leaders seem to cripple the child-like spirit, through their blind ignorance for how the devil lies to God’s people. Yet it has always been God’s desire, to pull back the veil and speak to leaders of unseen realities that carry His purpose. Things that restore hope, encourage faith and demonstrate love! They are unseen and often difficult to endure, but they are needed to uncover and develop Christ-like character. The Lord Your God has set you in the midst of a company of ministering servants that require spiritual sensitivity and character! He will give you wisdom and the accompaniment of His Presence to help you along the journey; but He expects your obedience. His voice has a distinct sound that you must seek out to find.

Lean Into Christ:

Let me encourage you in this…  God’s Word in transition and His power in transformation are why you must lean entirely on His heart toward you! The Holy Spirit will speak to you from deep within… so keep your heart pure with all diligence. Keep your eyes on the Living God. He is well aware of the unseen realities of this season. Your hope can remain alive in His purpose when you see Him with spiritual eyes. You are not alone in the unseen realities of this season. God is lifting the veil to the unseen!

God would say to you, “I Am the Lord, the Mighty King. Sufficient to keep you in the midst of the battle. My arm is not short, nor is My hand weakened in your difficulty.”

Reigning in Fresh Revelation:

Clarity comes with the knowledge of His truth: God will shake every House that bears His Name and yet does not know His ways! God has been watching as many of His most respected and anointed leaders have been under pressure and felt buffeted from all sides. This has taken place in order to call the Church to once again recognize that the government shall rest upon the shoulders of Christ (Isa. 9:6). The time has come for God’s Word to resonate within the sensitive heart of spiritual leaders. It must and it will arise with a fresh sound, if we seek it out. It will fall as refreshing rain upon all who have become weary in these days. And it will create room for God’s new movement within the heart of His People… like seeds take root in the soil of a spiritual garden.

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