Update Bungoma Kenya

Hi Pastor Ron.

We appreciate what the Lord is doing through you and RevivalHut Ministry. Many nations are coming to know who is the Lord Jesus Christ. Even now we are full of joy especially through the teaching and testimonies in this part of Kenya. Bungoma leaders and pastors who attended the teachings say the following after talking to them:

  1. they were equipped with the teachings
  2. their congregations have increased
  3. they now have spiritual food for the flock
  4. they are receiving the first certificates, ready to start the next level
  5. they have witnessed the Glory of God.

We just want to inform you that we shall put our resources again into this work and spare no limit to time for these teachings… the second lessons. For Christ sake we shall sacrifice and believe for advance to the Kingdom of God. That is what we always do. We have sent a signal to the regions to which we have teaching points (locations) that soon manuals will be out and students are very happy.

Great Leadership in Bungoma, Kenya

We know your busy schedule – time and funds may not allow you to visit nations frequently, because the demand may be very high. We request you come for conference and promoting to see what God is doing… at a time when you are in Kenya. We will go on without you coming to start because of financial complications, but we love you and need to stay in touch with you. Maybe, God willing may just come at a latter stage when all lessons are through and when everything is okay.

Our hope is to train in all ways in second teachings. You said something about artisan work, like dress making, carpentry and marketable skills… do you still carry this vision? We have space and rooms that have electricity, we can use them after registering with the government. Many are ready to move at the “Pace of God”.

Finally we want to say that we benefited through the teaching in many ways… First – those who come invited for teaching received Christ and are our church members. These have given us hope and strength, it is an increase and impact in the region. Second – we are becoming equipped ministers of the Gospel of the Kingdom and we desire more of God. There is no limiting God and the teachings of Jesus, even other pastors say so. With great joy, friendship grows much living in God’s House.

Sister Beatrice & Chris

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